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    What do you usually do for your thank you notes after an interview? Do you type a business type letter and send it? A handwritten note? A Thank-you card with handwritten note? Or do you send an e-mail?

    I feel a letter is the best way but in these days, an e-mail would get there faster. And if there are a few people up for a job that might make a difference, right? But is an e-mail less formal and appear to take less effort?
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    I do a hand-written note on simple note cards.

    "Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me on ....

    "The position looked very interesting, and I look forward to hearing from you soon."
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    I do a business format letter.
    To me, I would rather bit a little over-formal than not formal enough. If the manager is more old-fashioned and I send a hand-written note, I wouldn't want them to take that as being young and not as serious.

    I do keep the business letter warm though, so it doesn't seem too "much".
    "Dear Ms. ______:
    Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you yesterday regarding the ______ position. I appreciate the time you and the members of your team spent with me."
    I then briefly (a couple sentences) say why I am a great candidate for the job, incorporating something that came up during the interview.
    I end it with:
    "Please feel free to contact me if you require further information, and thank you again for your time and consideration.

    I wouldn't do an email, but that's my personal opinion. If you put your letter in the mail the same or next day from your interview, they should get it within a day, and they usually haven't made a decision in that short of time.
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    Where do you send the thank you note? to the hospital? what if their business card doesn't have a distinct address
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    ^ Good question, who do you send the thank you card to? I'm assuming the exact person who interviewed you? That would only make sense.
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    I second that question. bumping this thread so others can see it.

    i'm assuming you send it to the hospital address with ATTN to their name?
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    To specify even further, you can add their department, then their name underneath such as:

    Healing Hope Hospital
    Intensive Care Unit
    Joe Nurse
    123 Medical Way
    Woundsworth, XX 12345
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    I will be doing this next week. I think i am going to mail a simple thank you card, the day after i have my interview. Thats my vote!
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    Good call. I just got a job at pediatric practice. My first interview since graduating, I also sent a thank you card that SAME day. No issues! HR tomorrow, PHysical Friday, Orientation Tueday .

    So I would say that a thank you card is pretty important for a good impression!
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    Ok, thats what i thought. I already have them ready to fill out after my interview next friday. I will mail them before i leave town to come home. Thanks for the confirmation to my thoughts as well.