Should I.....

  1. call or send a reminder email? So I got an opportunity to interview with the OR NM, I also got to shadow a surgery. Staff members/environment was cool and welcoming (looks can be deceiving! though am ready for any challenges thanks to previous experiences). NM said I will hear from her (no time limit). I sent a thank you note a day after the interview. It is exactly a week, sholud I call and send another email to ask about my employement status? NM is VERY busy, I had to send couple of email to her before I was asked to come in for the interview. Though I want the job, but at the same time I don`t want to sound desperate.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    Since it's been a week, I think one call/e-mail along the lines of "I'm following up on my interview, if you need anything else from me please let me know, look forward to hearing from you" would be all right. Then I wouldn't push it any further for now. She has your info, she knows how to reach you when she makes the decision.

    Good luck!
  4. by   ckh23
    It has only been a week. You also need to take into account that they are probably interviewing multiple people for the position.
  5. by   NicuGal
    It is probably going thru HR also, along with her interviewing others. Give a little while.
  6. by   GitanoRN
    unquestionably, i would call and follow-up on the status of your recent interview and offer any other information that might be helpful to expedite the process. however, after that your best bet is to leave it to hr, they are the ones who will follow up with you, if your the suitable candidate for the position. wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors... aloha~
  7. by   Rose_Queen
    Just to offer some perspective, we recently interviewed several nurses for a position in our OR. Due to scheduling issues, being that we are 0700-1500, in order for some of the nurses to shadow we had to wait for one of their days off. If you were one of the first nurses interviewed, it could be that interviews are still ongoing or the shadowing part hasn't been completed. A good manager will probably have an idea of who they want to offer the position to after the initial interview, but it's only fair to the interviewees not to make a decision until all have had their chance to shadow. The shadowing itself isn't just for the interviewee to decide if they really want to join the OR but also an extension of the interview, just with more of the team members. I believe from the first interview until the official offering of a position was about three weeks for us.