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Salary advice for interview

  1. 0 Hi there, I am an RN wth a little over a year experience. I have an interview on Friday for a new position and on the voicemail they asked me how much I would like to be paid. This is a non benefit position so I think it should pay more per hour? I currently make 24.50 an hour with benefits, how much is reasonable to ask for, being that the position has no benefits? There add states that the non benefit rates are from 22.18-29 per hour. What do you think is fair?

    Also any tips on preparing for an ortho interview would be much appreciated, I am sooooo nervous!
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    I would state how much you currently make and say you expect to get paid a little more to be compensated for the lack of benefits.

    Of course this is assuming both jobs are equal. If the new is much better or will accelerate your career in the direction you want to go.... well that would be different.

    In general they say benefits make up 30% of your compensation.
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    I would ask for 27/hr since there are no benefits.
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    I recently interviewed for a job and the hours were great but the pay would have been a huge decrease in my current salary. I couldn't do it.
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    I was thinking 26.50 or 27 ish. Whatever you ask for they will probably counter lower so start a little higher.