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  1. 0 In some nursing job interviews, I have been asked variations of the question: Of peds, the elderly, and regular med surg patients, what is your favorite group and why? Since I don't have a favorite group, I have trouble with that one. I prefer not to be sticking IV needles in children, but that's not really a good sounding answer. Has anyone else come across this question, or does anyone else have thoughts on the management thinking behind asking a question like that? No wrong answers here
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    why not just say "I do not have a preference"? That will force the interviewer to ask another question. They are problaby wondering if you HATE working with old people, or babies or whatever. Remain neutral. You might say that your EXPERIENCE has been with X, so I cannot compare one group to another.
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    I've never been asked that question in an interview. The one that trips me up is "Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for a pt." There are so many things I do that I feel are above and beyond, but I'm not sure they're what the mgr is wanting to hear .
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    Is it really permissible to have favorites? Shouldn't we be able to do anything and everything? LOL but only half kidding.
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    I ask that question when I interview job candidates. I ask it because I want to know where they are most likely to be happy as a nurse. There is no "hidden agenda" behind my asking it. I just want to help make a good match between the applicant and the job placement.

    I suggest telling the truth -- say that you don't have one particular favorite -- and then elaborate by talking about why you like each group. Also express flexibility and an interest in learning more about each.
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    Because I really have no favorites by category, I'd simply respond with what I find appealing about each of them.
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    I have never been asked this question (probably because all my nursing experience is peds and I only apply to peds jobs) but if someone were to ask it, I would have no problem saying I prefer peds.

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