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I applied for a new grad position at a hospital over 900 miles away from where I currently stay. I received a phone call from the HR office and they asked me if I could come in this Friday for an interview, I told them yes... Read More

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    Clearly if they called for the job I can afford to move there but I was told within one week to be somewhere 900 miles away. Also I dont want to waste money if their interviewing hundreds of applicants i'm not auditioning for American Idol.

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    I recently had a very similar situation. I am a new ADN grad out of Florida, and applied to an ICU and ED position in a hospital in Virginia (old military stomping grounds). I was SHOCKED when I received an email two days later requesting a phone interview. I interviewed with both their talent recruiter and ED manager on the phone, about an hour a piece. They went so well that the ED manager asked if I could come shadow the department (a 14 hour drive, alone, with two kids). I did it. Two days later, a job offer as a FT nurse in an ED/level II trauma facility Take the gamble. Call them and ask if accommodations would be made for out-of-state applicants, but they may be assessing your level of commitment to the position. That's how I viewed my opportunity to shadow: they wanted to see if I would commit to moving...which I do so in three weeks Best of luck!
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    I wasn't being fresh, I was asking a legit question. You agreed to the interview knowing how far it is, I think it looks bad to back out and could hurt your chances of getting a position. Did they call it an interview or an open house? Moving 900 miles is a big undertaking and expensive. I flew to 2 other states for interviews. One asked me to come back the following week to shadow which I could not do, couldn't take more time off from work so they let me do it that day but I had to go buy scrubs, the other did the second interview the following day. Looking out of state is a gamble and is expensive. Something to think about. I don't think it is realistic to depend on friends wanting to road trip 900 miles to share the cost. Is there famly that can help?
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    Im not backing out of the interview. It would be great if my friends joined me along the ride and would benefit financially. It is expensive to travel for an interview and not wise if the chances of getting the job are not likely. If push comes to sholve I will go there alone and interview.
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    Lessons I learned:

    Bring a set of scrubs inc ase they want you to shadow

    Bring a second interview outfit

    Do not book your return flight right after the interview, make it the next day as late as possible
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    Great advice. Its crazy because i have clinicals this week and all next week. This call is quite surprising so im having to squeeze all this in between.
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    I would not ask to change to a phone interview. I would do whatever you can to get there and do the interview in person. Good luck!
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    Is it okay to still call HR and ask how many they plan to hire/interview, when does the orientation start, is there a contract for committment
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    It sounds like you made them believe that you are moving there OR it wouldn't be a big deal to drive that far for an interview. I would suck it up and just do the face to face interview as scheduled. If you call them back and ask for a phone interview, they'll just throw your resume in the trash and call up somebody who lives closer. Sorry - that's just a fact!
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    had a similar situation. I just interviewed 14 hours away and won't hear anything until next week some time after they finish interviewing all candidates. I had to bite the bullet and make the trip, some times you have a take a gamble and roll on faith. It's frustrating being out of school and not being able to find a job in the field because no one wants new grads. I'm having to fall back on my other degree until I can find something, so I'm trying to keep a positive light about things. Wishing you the best with this interview.

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