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    I graduate nursing school in december and I already got a job interview for a pulmonary medicine/ oncology unit. I'm really nervous and not sure what to except. My teachers gave us a list of common questions, but I'm more nervous about senario questions. Any advice or questions you may have had or asked yourself would be greatly appreciated!!


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    First Congrats!!! I'm super jealous. I graduate in December and would love to be where you are.
    Second- do a search on AN and Google. This topic has been discussed dozens of time
    Third- Good luck
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    Can I ask where you live at?? it took me over 6 months to get a job in the hospital after I graduated!! I am seriously considering relocating to a state that has a better job market for less experienced nurses like myself.
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    Nurselovejoy88--- thank you!

    J&B-RN--- i live in north carolina. Im not the only one in my class that has gotten an interview. Those of us who have, have applied to different places all over the state.
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    how early (months in advance) did you begin applying for positions?
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    Hi kaymmdee,

    I am a new grad RN and I have not had interviews yet. I have had interviews as a LVN so I will give you some insights based on that.

    If you are asked scenario questions, remember your primary survey, ABCs and other emergency mnemonics like MONA for chest pain. They will help you focus and prioritize your interventions mentally and verbally.

    You may also want to prepare questions for the interviewer. My favorite question is "What is the number one thing you want new grad nurses to know before they come to the floor?" It shows that 1. you respect their insight and 2. you are serious about doing well as a nurse. If they suggest getting XYZ certification or learning XYZ skill, trust that these are not really suggestions! Hehe.

    Good luck and congratulations on the interview!
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    Congrats on your interview. As far as scenario questions each facility may be different-- I had an interview for an ICU position and the director did not ask scenario based questions instead it was the usual run of the mill type questions like where do you see yourself in 5 years, describe a challenging time and how did you handle it, etc.

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