New grad Cardiovascular ICU interview

  1. 0 SO i have had 3 phone interviews with different organizations for cardiac telemetry units and new graduate programs. they all went well and i have 2nd interviews to follow. Tuesday i go to my first and only person to person interview with a local level 1 trauma teaching hospital. they basically told me theyll inform me if the want to extend a job offer to me within 2 days of the interview..I had my preceptorship in the cardiovascular icu and performed my med surg clinicals in the progressive cardiac unit. SO basically this is my dream job. I've been browsing the forums and internet for common questions they ask,but was curious what might be asked of a new grad for an icu.
    I've been brushing up on critical care notes and heart meds too. I'm really nervous as I'm worried about questions they will ask... specifically behavioral questions and questions involving past patient care or the what would you do in this situation. I graduated in december finished my preceptor ship late november. and just got licensed in late february. Any advice to me would be greatly appreciated!
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    well i got the job offer 2 days later. I think nursing school just makes you over prepare and over worry about everything. I paid attention to the job description, looked up all the possible questions for interviews on the forum and basically got asked everything I anticipated. there ya go
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    Congrats ! I had an CVICU interview today. I was only asked behavioral questions... Thank God.
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    I have a Peds CVICU interview this Friday! I hope it's only behavioral questions, and I hope I don't "blank" and forget good examples to give them!
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    If anyone can offer examples of such questions, it would be great! I'm on a similar boat in the interviewing process. My next round will consist of meeting with the Nurse Manager on the floor. HR told me to expect more questions regarding clinical. I don't know if it's just me, but I really have difficulty pulling out examples/scenarios/experiences from clinical. Maybe I don't know how to organize my thoughts about clinical, but I just don't feel I have any significant examples that will help give a good answer to lets say a prioritizing question. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Either way, any input and types of answers you gave will help jog my memory.

    Thanks in advance

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