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  1. pamiesuejt27

    Finding a CVICU position

    I have been an interventional cardiology and critical care nurse for 6 years. The facilities i have worked at do not have an open heart program. I am looking for a facility in central florida who is willing to train experienced nurses in a CVICU. All of the job postings I have run across require at least 3 years of open heart experience. Does any one know of hospitals in central florida willing to train? Thanks.
  2. pamiesuejt27

    New to cardiac nursing!!

    Definitely become familiar with cardiac arrythmias and the drugs used to treat each. You will want to become familiar with maintenance medications such as beta blockers, ace inhibitors, arbs. Then antiplatelets and anticoagulants, learn the difference between them and what each of them are supposed to treat. It takes a while, but you should have a good foundation coming from med surg. At least you'll have your time management pretty well down pat. icufaqs.com has some great info.
  3. pamiesuejt27

    How much do you make 2016

    Central FL- ADN four years interventional cardiac unit started 22.40 as a GN. Just got a raise, am up to 25.12. I precept and relief charge with no additional compensation.
  4. pamiesuejt27

    Hardest things we tell family

    Not all nurses get jaded or hardened. You having these feelings, probably means you are good at your job. We see people, our patients and their families, in their most vulnerable states. That is both terrifying and taxing on our naturally empathetic souls! Sometimes you just have to say what you feel, sleep it off, and do your next twelve hours the best you can.
  5. pamiesuejt27

    New grad Cardiovascular ICU interview

    I just interviewed for a cvicu internship today. I got asked multiple personality type questions, it seemed like they wanted to know more about me rather than my clinical skills. They did ask what I thought would be the most important skill set to have in a cvicu environment. Basically my questions were Why did you become a nurse, tell about a time you had to overcome change and how you adapted to that change. There were more but those stuck out.

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