Is this common now?

  1. I have been on the interviewing treadmill. What a nightmare!

    I had a phone interview scheduled. They finally called 1.5 hrs after scheduled time.

    Went in for interview. Shadowed next day. Sent thank you note and told them I would accept position if offered.

    It has now been 24 days and NO WORD. So I sent follow up email today.

    Is this a common experience??
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  3. by   elizanne
    I haven't gone on enough interviews to know if this is common, but I do know at least two people I graduated from nursing school with (and another who is not a nurse but also looking for a job) who have been on interviews, sent thank-you notes, had positive experiences, etc., and received no response whatsoever from the interviewer, recruiter, or hiring manager. Fortunately, they are happily employed now. I'm not sure if some organizations are just disorganized, or if this is simply the way things are in a flooded market...

    Sorry for your experience, though; that is frustrating.
  4. by   Double-Helix
    Unfortunately it is rather common. Facilities have many applicants who are desperate for jobs, and they know that. Some facilities use that to neglect basic professionalism and etiquette in the hiring process. Gone are the days when hospitals had to make themselves attractive to the applicant. Now they can take as much time as they want and know there will still be people willing to accept the job.
  5. by   ToughingItOut
    I think it's really lame that they had you come in for a shadow and then never followed up with you. I interviewed for a couple positions as a new grad I never heard back from, but a shadow? In my opinion, their behavior is unprofessional. I think at least an email was in order.
  6. by   CherylRNBSN
    An update: I had three interviews with same institution.

    Shadowed yet again, for four hours. Followed up next day with thank you email.

    Offered job the very next day!

    I am posting this update for others who may be going thru same process. As Ashley said, I DO believe it is common. So I want others to know not to take it personally or get too frustrated. It is apparently just the way things are done (er, not done!).

    I think it would be nice if HR could just send out standard "The position has been filled, thank you for your interest" instead of leaving you hanging.

    So just keep interviewing until you get offer.

    An aside: I last worked in the 90's. Boy, were things different. Remember the nrsg shortage? You walked into HR, filled out application, were sent RIGHT up to nurse manager, walked out with a JOB thirty minutes later!! In 2012, you spend LOTS of time at computer, can't even get thru to a real person in HR, spent THREE months interviewing before offer. Telephone interviews, Shadowing, background checks, online leadership tests, peer and behavioral interviews. I get exhausted just typing and thinking about it!

    You can't imagine how THANKFUL and happy I am to be employed in acute care again! And I SO appreciate the online community of All Nurses. It has been a great source of support and advice. A way to feel connected with peers of all ages and stages. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.
  7. by   forest4
    I am very happy for you, I am sure it is a relief.
  8. by   JustADream