Interview. What should I wear?

  1. I've been on interviews before for RN positions; however, this position that I am interviewing for tomorrow I would really like and want to do all that I can in order to nail the interview. My question is, what should I wear. Here is why I ask.

    About a year ago I went to an interview wearing a black suit, white shirt, red based tie, black dress shoes. The manager who interview told me that I overdressed for the interview. Now a similar outfit (suit, shirt, tie, black shoes) I had worn during the interview at my current job and my manager commented on how professional I looked. The manager who told me that I overdressed, was an inpatient manager, at a hospital with an "ify" reputation, while my current manager, oversees an outpatient clinic. Any suggestions as to what might be the most acceptable choice of attire, for interviewing with a nurses manager of an inpatient unit?

    I am planning on wearing a black or grey suit (probably grey), blue shirt, black designed tie, black belt and shoes. And I don't wear cologne, so that won't be an issue. Input would be great.
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  3. by   toucheturtle
    I think what you're planning on wearing sounds great. In my opinion, a hospital hiring manager stating that you're overdressed is pretty unprofessional. It's not as though you were interviewing at Mickey D's.

    When I was interviewing folks to work at Microsoft, men generally wore slacks, loafers, and button down shirts. No coat or tie. Microsoft has no dress policy at all, so anything more would have looked overdone for the culture. But for the more formal setting at the hospital you're interviewing at, I think you're spot on. If you want to casual it down, wear a button-down shirt and a sportcoat with your dress pants and tie.
  4. by   Gem0607
    I think what you have in mind is fine as well. As a female I wore a pant suit to my interview and when I saw the nurse recruiter that's what she had on so I felt okay. However, there was another female interviewing for the same position who just wore a casual outfit; nice shirt, black dress pants and regular nursing like shoes. When I saw her I felt as if I overdressed.
  5. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    A suit for a job interview was considered "overdressed"? Not in my opinion!!
    A coworkers son was doing a bunch of interviews for his first teaching position just recently, always in a suit and tie. At one interview, the panel commended him on his attire and told him an applicant they spoke with earlier that day had worn flip flops to their interview!!! I say stick with what you're wearing, NM be damned, LOL