Interview question

  1. During an interview I was asked the following:

    "You're a nurse in the ICU. Two patients are due for medications right now, a ventilator alarm is going off, and a patient call light is on. In what order do you handle things?"

    I said:
    "I would go to the ventilator alarm first, because I would be concerned about their airway and breathing. Assuming I'm well within the window of an hour for medications, I would see what the patient call light is for, in case they need help. After I determine their needs, I can prioritize their needs with my patients who need medications."

    I wasn't offered the job, and this is one of the few questions that has stuck in my head. Do you see a better way to answer it? I feel like I may have missed something very obvious here.
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    I agree 100% with your answer. Only other thing I might have added was to ask for help from my co workers (even though we know this might not be an option in real life)

    Why do you think this was the question that they didn't like the answer too.
  4. by   delilas
    I actually don't think I did spectacularly well for the interview overall, but this one kept sticking with me, and I keep thinking that maybe the obvious answer was the wrong one?

    I know I bombed the answer for "Why do you want to be in critical care?" - I think my answer was super generic and not well put together. I went on about how it's always been my career choice, and I can't see myself doing anything else, but I don't think that would really mean much to a hiring manager.

    I'm interviewing for a very similar position with the same hospital soon, so I'm trying to cover my bases!
  5. by   Altra
    I think your answer was fine. If a vent is alarming, that is always a priority.

    I'm sorry you didn't get the job. Remember, it's not personal. Really ... it's not. Good luck on the next go round.
  6. by   Kooky Korky
    You maybe should have asked the interviewer if she thought your priorities were correct. I do, BTW.

    Asking coworkers for help is a real 2-edged sword. I think we're supposed to have octopus arms and never need help - but be ever ready to give it.

    Tough call.