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Interview concern

  1. 0 Hi ! I would really appriate any help . I have applied for a position in a training program at my current hospital in another department which is been my dream job. The only problem is I have to go to a panel interview after a 12 hour shift. They are only interviewing one day, and only had 2 slots left one at 0730 and the other at 0800. The big problem is I work the night before. Which means that after a 12 hour shift I have a panel interview. I will have about 20 minutes to get ready, and to get the interview. I will have to freshen up. My concern is I won't have time to change, do hair, fix makeup, and get downstairs in time . The HR person said it would be ok to show up in my scrubs. I know most of the panel that will be there. I am tempted to wear my scrubs to show I just came off a 12 hours shift, and that I am obviously a dedicated employee. It would be better to just freshen up. Although I know it goes against everything that is taught about job interview ettiquette. I would still bring copies of resumes and cover letters for everyone there. What would you do ? Any opinions ?
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    Wear your scrubs!
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    Brush your teeth
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    Do you have the ability to take a shower at your work on your 30 minute break? we had a CNA do that last year when she was interviewing for RN position. on her 30 minute break she took a quick 10 minute shower at the hospital in our locker room and blow dried her hair, did her make up and came back. It ended up being like a 45 minute break but non of us said anything as we all understood and covered for her

    We also had another CNA that was interviewing for a position show up after an 8 hour day shift in his scrubs. He was hired.

    good luck!
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    I had this issue except it was for my CNA interview. It was 30 minutes after my shift ended so I went as I was in scrubs. I probably had lunch stains all over me but I got the Job

    "No day but today"
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    If you don't have time to take a quick shower, I say show up at work WITHOUT any makeup that way you can quickly wash your face and you don't have to remove anything and you have a "clean" face to apply make-up on before your interview. Fix your hair, whether it's a neat pony tail or brush it if you prefer it being down. Oh...and re-apply deodorant? LOL. Good luck!
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    I'm doing my interview in scrubs Friday morning after my 8 hr night shift !!! Good luck !!!!