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What's are the worst, or the craziest, interview questions you've ever been asked? For me, I worked at a bookstore for awhile. Lowest paying job I've ever had, but the hardest interview ever. The... Read More

  1. by   Kooky Korky
    Quote from Stephalump
    No way, she knew exactly what she was asking. It was basically a test to see if I was anything like the last person who apparently knew someone was quitting and didn't say a word.
    She also asked me if I would tell her if I caught someone had mouthing her. And if I used spell check (which seems not so weird, but that's something that you could WAY over think when every question is loaded.)
    It was absolutely 45 minutes of hell. And this was at the #1 cancer hospital in the entire country!
    It sure would be nice if you told us what the "right" answers were. What was this boobie hatch thinking? Did she want to know if she was being badmouthed? Did she want you to use spellcheck? Help us out here, please.