Had a interview today, the manager told me to call him back next week

  1. The hiring manager told me to call him back in one week. What was your outcome if you ever experienced a interview where the manager told you to call them back in a week?

    This hospital has a applicant system that gives you updates every day. When you log into the applicant system, it will tell you many things such as:
    Your resume is received
    You are not selected for a interview
    You will receive a call/email to schedule a interview
    The position is filled
    The position is closed.

    Why would he tell me to call him when the hospital has a very detailed tracking system?
    Maybe he is old fashioned, he was a well experienced senior nurse.

    I applied for another position at a different hospital last month, and I saw all of my updates in the applicant system. I received a interview, but a couple days later it said the position was filled. I never got a call back from the manager but he never told me he was going to call. (I know someone who works there and the person who got the position had years of experience)

    I am a new grad and this seemed like a real easy interview compared to my previous one.The hiring manager didn't ask me any hard questions at all. He mainly looked at my resume and told me what hours and days they needed someone to work. He spoke to me for about 15 minutes, and brought the actual supervisor in to talk to me.

    The supervisor was nice and he gave me a tour of the department. I was mainly trying to sell my self to him as he didn't ask me any hard questions. After 15 minutes he introduced me to another supervisor for a different shift. He left and I begin talking to the other supervisor as we were walking. He showed me around the facility and I tried to sell myself to him as well.

    He brought me back to the hiring manager but I saw him setting up for a meeting with his projector. He thanked me and told me to call him in one week and gave me his card.
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  3. by   rntm85
    I would call in a week regardless of the tracking system, especially since he asked you too. Maybe he is testing your initiative and wants to see how bad you want this position. With the market these days and sooo many grads wanting a job, following up is the best thing to do even if a prospective employer doesn't ask you to. Just my opinion, but I always follow up!
  4. by   jennafezz
    i would call in a week. i like your username.
  5. by   SheriffLauren
    Definitely call in a week. It could be a good sign that he showed you around the unit and to so many managers. Its good that you tried to sell yourself to them each. In fact it's good he said to call because now you have an excuse to follow up on the interview.