do i need to tell them about my license?

  1. I'm hoping somebody can help me. I have a warning with stip on my license that is not o related to drugs. I want to work for a pharmacy company that does not require nursing license. But how do i explain this when I go to the explain? Am I suppose to tell an interviewer that I have a warning on my nursing license or no since job Im applying does not involve direct patient care or require nursing license? I'm sure an interviewer wants to know why i want to leave nursing and work for a company that does not require any license? I'm sure some nurses wants to change career to pharmacy. I am attempted to tell interviewer I want to change my profession to pharmacy but I'm afraid they are going to be ssuspicious and check my license. Any tips on how I can make interviewer to consider me for the job ? Or is my nursing license discipline going to automa tically disqualify me from working in pharmacy profession?
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  3. by   Inori
    everyone is on a need to know basis, do not volunteer information. interviewing time you answer only what is being asked of you and only if its an allowable question. Impress your interviewer and in the application stage they will run a background check on you, its very comprehensive mine was a 2 month in detailed check so everythign will come up then anyways and if they are interested they will call you in to explain more. I would not suggest mentioning your license issue, as job does not requires it, and you can think up a good reason why you are switching". If questioned on it then be honest answer the question, state what steps you have taken to prevent X from happening and how the new job has no impact on it and you are the best person for the job. good luck
  4. by   LadyFree28
    In my state, if you fail to disclose information against your license, not only will you be penalized, but you risk losing the ability to practice. Any violation, nursing or not MUST be reported to the BON. If you fail to disclose to the potential employer, they can REPORT to the BON. You are risking your license by not being honest. I suggest you do the right thing.