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Contacting HR after an interview - opinions please

  1. 0 Interviewed for a position last week. Director said the person in HR would be contacting me "soon" to get an offer going, the background etc. in hopes I could begin w/the next orientation which would be this coming Monday. 5 days passed & I heard nothing. I contacted HR thinking maybe I misunderstood and I was to contact them to set up the drug screen..the person who answered the phone said no - the Dir. of HR will make the decision if an offer is extended..that surprised me as I would think the Dir. of a unit would be the decision maker - not someone in HR. I then left a message for the Director I interviewed with politely telling him I had not heard from HR in the time frame he indicated I would and wanted to make sure I understood I was being offered the position contingent upon having a background and drug screen done (neither of which I'm worried about) and that I was able to start Monday but again, have heard nothing. He did not return my call.

    I am not going to contact him or HR again but now I wonder if I made a mistake in calling the Dir. and telling him I had not heard anything as yet from HR. I was going on what he said, that he wanted to get me in the next orientation etc. I have turned down 2 other interviews because I thought I had this job. I really don't think I misunderstood but now am concerned I may have messed up by calling........ugh......
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    Some interviewing/hiring managers seem to not have the verbal skills to conclude/close an interview politely but noncommittally, without directly or indirectly implying that an offer is imminent. Or they "feel bad" about leaving an obviously motivated/interested job seeker hanging.

    Just my two cents here ...

    I would not ever expect a verbal offer at the end of an interview, unless it was a second or third interview, and I knew that at least some kind of background check/verification of experience and credentials had already taken place. That verification, as well as a typical drug screen, are not minor, procedural details - they're biggies. In my mind, an interviewer who implies an offer immediately during the interview is desperate to fill a position, and is not mindful of the risk to the overall organization that can come with sidestepping that process. I think that is what was meant by the HR director signing off on whether or not an offer is made -- s/he is the final check that not only is this the person that is the unit's first choice, but also a person who fulfills whatever other requirements the organization feels are necessary.

    I don't think you have necessarily messed up by calling - once. I would not call again. You might email or write to the director who interviewed you one more time, restating a couple of your strengths that were discussed during the interview and thanking him again for his time. I would not pursue any communication beyond that.

    Lesson learned: when job hunting, pursue ALL good opportunities until you have an actual, bona fide offer, preferably in writing.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Thank you for replying...I interviewed w/the Director and his assistant..they specifically stated the next step would be for HR to contact me to set up the drug test and background check then a formal offer would be made once those came back ok - he spoke about what to wear, orientation and what to expect during that and how I would be expected to work a weekend a month plus 2 holidays... I realize in my original post I did not make that any rate..I have heard nothing so I spend today applying at other places and also leaving messages for the interviews I turned down politely asking if there was still a possibility - long shot I know. I feel so stupid and sick about this..I really thought the job was mine based on what the director and his assistant said now I'm back peddling and panicked. My fault.