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Greetings All, I am considering writing a monthly article/blog post on topics related to Clinical, Nursing, Healthcare and Medical Informatics for I have written such content for other sources over the last... Read More

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    Thanks, Mijourney for your suggestions and reply. I appreciate it. The problem here in our place is that we are far from the business district or the big city where you can find schools that offer variety of courses. Living in the country side also prompted me to go back to school since I can't look for an IT job around this area. I'm a military spouse by the way, that's why we moved to places. I'll take a look at the link that you gave and see what can I do. Thank you.

    Do you know what is the minimum lifting weight requirement for a nurse? Thanks.

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    Quote from rninformatics

    There has been a very good discussion occuring on the ANIA-CARING listserve over the last 2 weeks about how one develops a business case for a NI department and I remembered you asking a similiar question. I hope you have been reading these posts and if not you need to be. Let me know if you dont know how to join that listserve and I can direct you.
    Also pm me and I can give you the link to the blog site that has been started to discuss this topic and collect the numerous methods other's have utilized to start NI departments at their facilities.
    this is a very late response but this listserve you speak of, how do i join it? and I would like to get the link to the blog site that you mentioned. thank you for your help!

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