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School Rankings for Informatics - page 2

I have been trying to determine the top 10 schools offering a Masters in Nursing Informatics and it seems like it's just about impossible to determine this. Many lists rank other specialities...but... Read More

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    I'm starting the nursing informatics program at chamberlain this July the whole program is just 36 credits and cost of the program is 19,800
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    They even have the certification program for NI
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    I think it matters less where you get your degree, but just that you have it. It opens doors. However the experience is what everyone is seeking. I just graduated from Northern Kentucky University with my MHI (May 11, 2013) and I think they have a pretty good program. I took courses in Project Management, Database Management, Data Warehousing/Data Mining, Systems Analysis & Design, Knowledge Management, Research Methods for Health Informatics, and Mobile Health. They now offer an MSN-NI program with most of the same courses, plus a few more related to nursing. The big difference is cost. My program was strictly online and I paid $450+/credit hour. It is now $510/credit hour, which is much more reasonable than alot of other programs. Good Luck and Good Knowledge!!!!
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    Dr. ******* is the program director - did you try emailing her? Here is a link to a web page with her info:
    | CU College of Nursing | University of Colorado Denver
    Let me know if you have any other questions about the program.
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    Hi InformaticsRN.MA. I was perusing UC Denver's HCI MS Program and cannot determine if the final degree is:MSN in Health Care Informatics or just simply: MS in HCI. Seems like it would be MSN since the college of nursing is offering it but I can't find the info to confirm or deny. What did you graduate with? Which electives did you choose? Would you recommend those courses? Is it all online?

    Thanks so much.
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    Hello Starbuck4,
    My degree is an MS (not MSN) - in Nursing, with a concentration in Healthcare Informatics. Not really sure what the difference between an MSN and an MS in Nursing is, however...
    For electives, I took eHealth and Human Computer Interaction - both were very good - yes, I would recommend them.
    The program is all online - you can go to Colorado for graduation if you'd like, but it's not required. The defense of your final project can also be done via webcam, but I chose to go to the campus to do my presentaiton and was really glad that I did.
    Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!
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    Thank you InformaticsRN.MA. I did receive a response from them and I am thinking of applying. But I'm in such a dilemma. NP vs Nursing Informatics!!! . At my workplace NP gets better benefits than NI (nurse informatist). NP have a union position and NI is under management. I probably will end up doing both Masters program but I can't seem to decide which one to do first. Arghhhhh!!!