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  1. how many jobs are out there?

    That's the advantage of online courses, most of the time you can do homework and classwork at your convenience. As long as you stay motivated and set a scheduled time for classwork, you should do fine. Good Luck!
  2. how many jobs are out there?

    Some courses were time consuming due to the required projects I had to complete . Others were time consuming due to frequent use of 'Blackboard' and other systems to maintain participation. Keep in mind 'online programs' are different from nursing...
  3. how many jobs are out there?

    I just graduated with my Masters in Health Informatics, so maybe I can address some of your questions. Health Informatics is concerned with improving patient safety and quality of care through the innovative use of technology. Integration and transp...
  4. Well....just because I am biased and a new graduate, I would give kudos to Northern Kentucky University. They have both an MHI and an MSN-NI program. I graduated with my MHI. I had many classes to help prepare me and also had (2) capstone experie...
  5. Nursing Informatics degree vs. Informations Systems degree

    I too had degrees in IT without experience. I have (2) A.S. degrees in Computer/Internet Programming but never worked in the field. I went back to school and earned my BSN and decided to pursue health informatics for my masters program. I just gr...
  6. School Rankings for Informatics

    I think it matters less where you get your degree, but just that you have it. It opens doors. However the experience is what everyone is seeking. I just graduated from Northern Kentucky University with my MHI (May 11, 2013) and I think they have a...
  7. ANCC Certification with MHI?

    Thank you!!! It does help.
  8. ANCC Certification with MHI?

    I was speaking of the informatics qualifications for practice requirements (These are directly from the ANCC website): – Have practiced a minimum of 2,000 hours in informatics nursing within the last 3 years. – Have practiced a minimum of 1,000 hou...
  9. ANCC Certification with MHI?

    I have my BSN and will graduate with my Masters in Health Informatics in May. I would like to obtain my RN-BC Informatics certification. Unless I am misunderstanding, the qualifications for the RN-BC Informatics certification state that you must ha...
  10. Informatics degree or IT degree?

    I will soon have both. I have (2) A.S. degrees in Computer & Internet programming and in May, 2013 will graduate with my Masters in Health Informatics. With my IT degrees I learned about the technical side of things, which gave me a good founda...
  11. What's wrong with me?

    I had a very difficult time getting my big break into the informatics field, so I appreciate your concern. I went on 2nd and 3rd interviews without success. I have 2 A.S. degrees in Computer Programming & Internet Programming; my BSN; and worki...
  12. Interview advice

    Thank you all for your support. Through better preparation and some changes in my thoughts (power of intention!), I just received a wonderful offer for an informatics position. I am very blessed by GOD and a great networking tool like this, to supp...
  13. Interview advice

    rninformatics, Thank you for the sharing the interview techniques. I have printed them out and will review them. I realize I SHOULD be interviewing them. However, when my stress and anxiety peak during these panel interviews, my only thoughts are ...
  14. Interview advice

    rninformatics, Thank you for listing both websites. I will look at them and see what I should alter. I do realize I should be interviewing the team regarding the position, but once the stress and anxiety escalates, I lose all perspective. I need to...
  15. Interview advice

    Dreamer-RN, Thank you for your suggestion. Preparing a list of my questions and then using that list to jot down notes sounds pretty brilliant. It provides me with a not so obvious crutch, at least until I can get over my anxiety.