Nursing Informatics degree vs. Informations Systems degree

  1. I currently have a bachelor's degree and no IT experience. I am trying to decide between 2 Masters programs; nursing informatics or information systems.

    I am highly considering the information systems degree. I like the program because it is tailored to people that so not have experience in IT. The program will also offer me more knowledge of IT than the nursing informatics degree.

    Will a non-nursing master's hinder or help me?
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  3. by   RN1023
    Did I post this wrong?
  4. by   ikarus7401
    Do you have a list of the courses that will be offered in the information systems degree?

    And in today's world, a non nursing informatics master shouldn't hinder you. In other words, many positions out there in management in NI for example, require a master's degree, but many of these positions will say, master's degree required and they don't really list a specific one.

    However, given the number of candidates coming out with NI master's degrees, maybe this requirement will change in the future. Thus, if your goal is to become a manager or director in NI, then maybe the specific NI master's degree could be the safest option. Otherwise, if the management track or director track doesn't interest you, then it doesn't make a difference what master's degree you get, at least in my opinion.

    But if you're planning on getting into informatics, as has been said in this forum too many times, you better go out there and get involved in informatics as this will help you later on when you're trying to get a job.
  5. by   jlynn2303
    How does one get involved in informatics with no informatics experience? What is the job market like?
  6. by   rnformaticsr4me
    I too had degrees in IT without experience. I have (2) A.S. degrees in Computer/Internet Programming but never worked in the field. I went back to school and earned my BSN and decided to pursue health informatics for my masters program. I just graduated from Northern Kentucky University with my MHI (May 11, 2013) and I think they have a pretty good program. I took courses in Project Management, Database Management, Data Warehousing/Data Mining, Systems Analysis & Design, Knowledge Management, Research Methods for Health Informatics, and Mobile Health. If you have healthcare experience, you may want to pursue the MHI; otherwise there are degrees in Business Informatics that may allow you to take some of the same courses.