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New technology is always hard

  1. 4 No sound is necessary as there are sub-titles
    in English, but it helps ;-)
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    This is priceless. Loved it. (Brought back some memories of my father speaking, too.)

    You are right, the sound makes a big difference.

    Thanks, rninformatics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be sending this to my tech friends!!
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    Quote from rninformatics
    No sound is necessary as there are sub-titles
    in English, but it helps ;-)

    Thanks for the video. We are beginning Super User training on a new perinatal documentation system and this should be a good ice breaker.

    Thanks for Sharing.

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    Enjoyed it! Reminds me of some of the things I'm going through at work.
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    Anyone who has ever worked in any IT field has experienced that (or will) at one time or another. This is the point where we decide "Is this really what I want to do?"
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    hilarious video...thanks for sharing that!
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    That was hilarious!!
    Thanks for the bit of humor.

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    HAHA! Made my day! Thank you for that funny funny funny funny video.
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    loved it! we had a build session this week for mckesson ccs module and the last day just before closing, i played this for the group. they loved it! really helped the brain drain feeling too and ended a very productive and positive day on a good note!