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aspiring to be a registered nurse and a nursing informatics nurse

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  1. CarePlan Multi Client OB

    risk for ineffective parenting related to grandmother domination kidding :)
  2. Impaired circulation nursing intervention

    Hmmm, why not explore the signs and symptoms first then you can create better nursing diagnoses. But you can start with ineffective tissue perfusion.
  3. puzzling dx...help please.

    Anymore cues?
  4. Need Help with care plan

    Impaired Urinary Elimination Risk for Injury Activity Intolerance
  5. Concept map assistance

    A concept map is like schematic diagram (like this one) that shows the pathophysiology of a certain disease. Its like a disease process that is shown in lines and boxes (a process chart). It also includes the different nursing diagnoses for each iden...
  6. newborn nursing dx

    Most of them are acceptable. :) I'm quite skeptical regarding the "readiness for enhanced knowledge" since the patient is a newborn. Its better if you would apply that to the mother.
  7. ABGs HELP!!!

    So this will end up where you will have to check the ABG levels of the patient himself. Check whether the values point out to metabolic acidosis or alkalosis.
  8. Difference between Sterile and Aseptic technique?

    Well "sterile" means absence of all microorganisms. Nothing in it. Whether good or bad. While "aseptic" means clean technique or removing pathogens. There is another term called "sanitary" meaning to reduce pathogens into a level wherein they cannot ...
  9. Nursing Spectrum....huge informatics section

    This is great news!
  10. New technology is always hard

    HAHA! Made my day! Thank you for that funny funny funny funny video.
  11. I passed my certification exam!!

    This is great news! Congratulations! Could you please tell us how you did it? And share some experiences during the course? We would gladly appreciate that...anyways.... C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S!
  12. Hello Informatics :)

    There are many posts here that gives you a good background or idea regarding NIT. You can probably start by reading this post: https://allnurses.com/nursing-informatics/a-day-life-343098.html Welcome to the forums!
  13. Training people for new charting system

    Give us the system and we'll learn from it :) I think that's the best thing to do. Or you can combine both. Videos then hand-on training
  14. Nursing Informatics info

    It's quite hard looking for Nursing Informatics courses here in the Philippines. That's a pain. I think I have to recheck my google searches. On second thought, there are many universities like Kaplan, Walden and U. of Phoenix offering distance educ...
  15. Your Input is Needed

    Hi I am Mike and I am very much interested regarding your proposition and I'm very willing to help write articles for allnurses.com. I'm currently a blogger and a writer and was previously an editor-in-chief of a nursing magazine in our college. I ha...