Does it matter where you get your Masters?

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    Hi everyone,
    I am University shopping for a MS in Healthcare Informatics, I was just wondering if where I get my degree will have an effect on employment? I have researched a lot of programs, and I am leaning towards SNHU due to finances and location. I just wanted some input from people already in the field as to whether or not the name of the school on your diploma will matter when trying to get a job.

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    I'm wondering the same thing...since I found out the extriodnary cost of the program I was going to go with I'm looking elsewhere now. My base line is a well respected university long as the MS program is certified will it matter?
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    My only comment is that in the past I worked with a couple of managers who wouldn't touch those who had a degree from the online university phoenix something...check out this thread:
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    I know several well established informaticists with degrees from U of Phoenix, Walden, Excelsior, U of Chicago, Northwestern, etc
    What matters is that the school is accredited and the course content is in line with what you want to do in the specialty.
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    actually the only thing we are seeing as requirements is BSN with EXPERIENCE. A masters degree is huge financial burden for what might be marginal advantage. Its becoming a power user at your facility and moving up. If you absolutely love it and excel at you - then and only then should you consider masters degree.

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