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hi, i have been a rn for 2 years in my mids 20'. i have experience in medsurg, icu, and pacu. i'm currently an icu rn. just recently just been offer a position to be a nurse informatics (non-clinical). the hospital is willing... Read More

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    Not trying to burst your bubble but post GO LIVE everything rarely is perfect. Frequently you are still needed for ongoing training of newly hired staff. System updates, fixes, patches, etc are never ending. User and department requested configurations do not end post Go Live.
    At the majority of organizations other systems in other departments will continue to be implemented, updated and users trained.
    But instead of worrying why not ask your boss now - "What happens to my role post Go Live?" Plus the experience you willl gain from this implementation will allow you to apply for other roles if not in other departments then at other organizations. Learn as much as you can now!
    Good Luck!

    Quote from jbdang

    One thing that concern me is Once the system goes life and all the staff been train on the new system and everything is running at a smooth pace, than what....what will happen to me, there is no longer an immediate need for me and i dough that the hospital will keep me around if there is nothing to do?!

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