Philippine Nurses Association (PNA)

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    Can anyone tell me what PNA exactly does for the Filipino RN community? That's aside from what they post as member benefits at their website. Please enlighten me. Thank you!

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    They represent us Filipino nurses. Fortunately in our chapter, the provide a small financial aid to members who have been hospitalized.
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    do we have benefits as a member of pna? i didnt know that. i dont believe that the seminars they are conducting is considered a benefit coz you have to pay for it and seriously its not cheap.

    maybe some of you guys could enumerate the benefits you have enjoyed given by pna.
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    @hobiecute: They provide a small financial assistance? I've never heard of it, but that's good.

    @spongebob6286: Yes, you're right, it's not cheap. I will be registering this Monday and we were informed that we have to pay 1,800 pesos! That's why I want to know what exactly do we get by joining PNA.
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    Are there any PNA officers here? Maybe they can shed some light.
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    i think just a privilage that you're part of the the seminars that are just 10% off..i wish they can have a list of hospitals where in jobless nurse know where to go...
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    I agree with you karmela. That would seem to be a good idea to be suggested to the PNA.
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    I've been an Rn for 17 yrs but I'm a PNA member maybe for 3-5 yrs only..At first you don't have a choice during our oath taking back in 1992 they are telling us that we can't get our license processed if your not a PNA member. I think that was the only reason i registered.when i was working as Public Health Nurse I didn't get any notice or letter from them informing members about the seminars or anything new for the members benefit not even a single journal received... PNA are very active only on collecting membership due and selling raffle tickets .. I decided to stop my membership, I'm just waisting my money. I was a member of national leauge of government nurses when i was working in local health unit for 13 yrs. in NLGN they offer scholarship grant for members. I can't see any importance of being a PNA member up to now.
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    The main problem with the PNA is the lack of leadership and I think we lost it in the midst of the brain drain. A lot of excellent nurses left the country in search of, well, a better future, as everybody would say. Stagnation and a lack of creativity puts the entire organization to the brink of apathy and uncertainty.

    There have not been any new strategy on how to fulfill the objectives of the group. We have been weakened. Social responsibility is virtually unknown and there are not many projects that will help to bring about a social change to our community and country. We have not been active lately in our endeavor and I am speaking as a group because, one way or another, we have been a part of it and we all let it down.

    Do you believe that we can still make a difference?

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