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Anyone here worked at PGH before? Looks like they're hiring. While waiting out the retrogression, might as well, right?... Read More

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    Hi I think you can take the NPE if you show them your claim stub for your license. The first thing that you need to do is get an application from the DNRD & fill it in (you would need a 1x1 passport size photo with white background and a cedulla), pay the examination fee and get a schedule for the Nurse Proficiency Exam. PNA membership is required but BLS and IVT aren't. I'm not really sure if they still have a required board may call the DNRD @ 5548400 loc 3267 for further questions about the process.

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    Hi. I just like to ask what if I fail the NPE, can I re-apply? TIA
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    From: Rabuscar: I also passed the NPE last October 28, 2011, and have submitted the requirements 2 weeks after the results were posted. I was then referred to a lady assigned at the Nursing Director Office to get a schedule for a Panel Interview.

    Congrats for passing the NPE. The lady you are referring to is Clerk Ms. Cecile Reyes of the Nursing Services Office. She may be very strict but she’s nice. In the 3 years of waiting for my application, I always came up to her to update my resume or contact details to let her know of my interest in the position. I remember when I came in a few minutes late for my final interview, I was not allowed and had to reschedule. She’s really strict but that’s her call. That is why when I was accepted for the position and our batch came in, she gladly welcomed us. Just an advice: Be on time during your series of interviews.

    From: caisaki
    Hi, I want to apply at PGH next week, but I just want to ask if they need the original documents as opposed to photocopies.

    They require original documents and they will keep it if you passed the NPE, panel, final and when they hire you.

    From theweirddebonair
    I just like to ask what if I fail the NPE, can I re-apply?

    Yes, you can re-apply.

    As for IVT training, the DNET has its own IVT training. The same as ANSAP’s but with some modifications especially in the return demo. It is more comprehensive and practical to what we do at PGH. The pioneers of ANSAP came from PGH kaya same lang.

    Guys, like I posted in the past, “Patience is a virtue” and waiting for your application and hiring at PGH is worth the wait. I’ve waited for 3 years since the time I applied, interviewed and for HRDD to call me up for my medical examination.

    Working at an institution like the Philippine General Hospital is a great opportunity for a Filipino nurse aspiring to serve our people.
    “Sobrang toxic siya pero madami kang matutunan na ‘di mo matutunan sa ibang ospital. Ibang klase.”
    Patience my colleagues. And when the time comes, we welcome you to be part of the 1,800 plus strong nursing services staff members of the Philippine General Hospital. The challenge of serving be at the 16 wards, 12 pay wards, 8 ICU/CCUs, 30 ORs, Cancer Institute, Cardiac Lab/Transplant Surgery Unit, ER, HICU or SOJR (Sentro Oftalmologico Jose Rizal). See you soon at the Philippine General Hospital.
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    Hi nars1218...

    You are one of the people I am looking up to and tell you what, your experience in waiting patiently for your turn greatly inspires me. I wanted to end up working in PGH as well and my journey towards that destination is just beginning. Hey if this wouldn't be too much to ask from you, would you be kind enough to give us some tips about the things that we should read about for the panel and the final interviews. Thanks.
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    I took the NPE last april 20, and according to the proctor the result will be posted on may 18. Actually I'm kinda nervous even though I'm not that sure if I will take my application seriously, I mean is there a lot of nurses who are willing to wait for 2-3years before they can practice their profession? There are maybe some, but many will still apply to other hospitals hoping that they can start to work as early as possible. Btw I'm not against PGH, I really admire the employees out there, because they are serving thousands of people who can't afford to have quality health care except when they are at PGH, it's just the waiting time is toooo long isn't it?

    But still, I'm hoping that my name will be posted there next week, because it is still an achievement as for my self. Good luck everyone, most specially to those who also took the NPE last apr 20.
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    good luck curls!

    if you dont mind, can you share some ideas about the exam? topics?
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    Quote from Neversmile
    good luck curls!

    if you dont mind, can you share some ideas about the exam? topics?

    Uhm the exam was 33 items only, number 1-16 = 1pt ea, 17-33 = 2pts ea, a total of 50 items. It was all multiple choice, I suggest that you guys focus on Anatomy and Physiology plus fundamentals of nursing, you don't need to memorize every step because there was no essay type there nor computation, just refresh your knowledge and you'll be fine

    I also advised that you arrive at least 40minutes earlier, because that time I'm scheduled for 9 o'clock, and the 1st batch will be starting at 8, I arrive there 15minutes before 8, but the others who have the schedule for 8 was not able to come (imagine, they arrived 15mins earlier on their schedule but they were not able to come in) because the door was already locked.

    Good thing that the proctor still allowed them to take along with the 2nd batch (us). But who knows if they will not allow that next time? so don't be late and good luck!
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    Just a quick reminder that most establishments do not like questions posting that may give advantage for some over others because they do not have access to places like this.
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    sorry for that, got it.

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