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  1. JDSC

    PGH feedback (continued)

    I'm scheduled for the panel interview on July.. still got a long way to go. Fortunately, I was recently hired as a probationary staff nurse in a tertiary hospital in Pasay. But, I'm still considering to work in PGH (if I pass), so I will go on with the process.
  2. JDSC

    PGH feedback (continued)

    Questions would include funda and some MS concepts. The first half questions are easy and would only yield 1 point each.. However, I did had a problem answering the next half, which weigh 2 points each and requires your critical analysis and judgment. There are some items on basic anatomy (maximum bladder capacity) and physiology (where does a certain macronutrient is primarily absorbed/digested).. foods allowed or prohibited in specific diets (low purine diet).. which insulin to be aspirated first (Regular or NPH).. babinski reflex.. bloodborne illnesses (which instance will cause transmission). I can hardly remember most of the questions.. but I can say that it's a fairly challenging exam.. most of the 2-item points are very tricky and can be compared to NLE questions. I didn't even expect that I will pass on my first take for it was a year after I took the NLE, and I was having my training then so I failed to browse any review material. So I advise that you study well.. and during the exam, pray. I guess, the latter helped me in getting a barely passing mark.
  3. JDSC

    Pahinungod Volunteer Program of PGH

    They also deploy volunteers to the Cancer Institute which caters Oncology patients. But, I'm not knowledgeable of the details.
  4. JDSC

    PGH feedback (continued)

    I guess, a new batch of APCN has already started their training last February. You will have to wait for months before DNET release another set of Dean's form, which they usually do around April and November. They will post the actual day of distribution on the bulletin board at least a month prior, so I recommend that you check on them once in a while. You can do so by visiting their office or calling them through phone. but I doubt that they could give you a definite date at the moment.
  5. JDSC

    PGH feedback (continued)

    It's a 50-item exam, around 40 to 45 items multiple choice and 5 to 10 points computation (can't remember exactly ) to be answered for 30 mins. topics are funda and MS.. It was the similar exam that was described in the previous thread. There's no enumeration part. I was part of the 32nd batch.. am not sure if there are changes.
  6. JDSC

    Pahinungod Volunteer Program of PGH

    I recommend that you inquire personally in their office at PGH. As far as I know, they are continuously accepting applications for they deploy batch of volunteers quarterly.
  7. JDSC

    PGH feedback (continued)

    It would be: 1. Getting a Dean's form 2. Submitting the requirements and getting the exam schedule 3. Taking the exam 4. Waiting for the list of qualified applicants (it would take a week at most after the exam; there will be 50 qualified applicants included on the list and around 5 applicants on the waiting list) 5. Paying the full training fee before the specified date to secure a slot (if some of the qualified applicants won't be able to pay the training fee for some reasons, DNET will give a chance to the people on the waiting list to secure the remaining slot) during our time, we didn't had an interview.
  8. JDSC

    Hospitals that offers training

    Lung Center and NKTI, but I'm not that familiar regarding the process. Try World Citi Medical Center.. I heard from a friend that their next training will start on November 22.
  9. JDSC

    PGH feedback

    Good decision. They will release the next batch of dean's form on November 5, 2012 (as posted lately on the bulletin board of DNET). Just make sure you check on them once in a while, just in case there will be changes. If you're considering to work in PGH, I suggest you begin processing your application as well. Start by taking the Nursing Practice Exam given by the DNRD. Being a fresh board passer, will give you an edge in passing that difficult exam. As they say, it will take 2-3 years before one is deployed in their institution. But at least, while attending the APCN, your application is running already. Good luck!

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