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hello!:wavey: Can anyone tell me how long does it take to process an application in Makati Medical Center? Because Im planning to submit my resume this month of november... And are there any... Read More

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    I hope that they will hire nurses.. There are so many unemployed nurses right now..

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    Quote from lenjoy03
    If it's for you, then it's for you...

    Don't worry, MMC is always understaff. It's been that way for years... Why not hire nurses? Well.... I don't know... With all the pending application, we are still understaff! hahaha...
    most hospitals are understaffed, of course, for cost cutting reasons.. it's just that, i think it's kinda unfair to others that they deploy nurses that mostly came from the top performing school/s, holistic approach?haha, i mean no offense but for me, coming from such schools doesn't necessarily means that those nurses are good enough, yes the school is, but pertaining to ALL of the nurses they've produced? doubt it.. i just don't wanna site examples cos i'll surely be crossing the line. anyhow, this is not only the good tertiary hospital our country got, and there are surely lots that are best besides this one. and just what you've said ms. lenjoy03, If it's for you, then it's for you.
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    hello everyone!
    does MMC consider applicants with no IVT training yet?
    hope someone replies...
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    Yes... Though having an IVT license is an edge, they don't require their applicants to have it.
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    but sad to say.. they're still freeze hiring up to this moment..
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    Oh men. that's sad to hear,, by the way do they still accept applicants for their CETN Program? Just a bit of thought.. thanks in advance..
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    I spoke with someone from the training department. They're not currently accepting applicants for this training
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    really? the opportunities that left of us my fellow nurses would be very stiff..( Sigh )...
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    really? how sad.. i hope they start accepting applicants for the CETN again soon. did they tell you when they will accept applicants again?
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    No, i actually forgot to ask that. I was too disappointed when she told me that they're not accepting applicants for that

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