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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

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    They need 3-year hospital experience as a staff nurse... The volunteer experience is not included...

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    according to the staff from the agency the pre medical (HBsAg and Chest X-Ray) was required for us applicants to determine if we are fit to be issued either visa or job order.
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    3 years exp needed? thats quite long enough to go. uggh.
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    what type of exam is this? is it a board exam type? thank you
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    30-item test... multiple choice... all come in 5-6 sets.
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    Greetings to all my collegue!

    I am one of the applicants for NURSE-KUWAIT under MOH. I did my medical last JULY 14, 2011 and signed the agreement of undertaking notarized by the lawyer. My agency showed my salary from 650KD turned to 705KD. after the MOH screened my qualifications. I guessed all of Us Applicants had Increased in Salary offer from 650KD to 685KD-715KD.

    Im hoping that our application will push through. Godbless us all.

    nursejv- 09491584761
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    That's nice! well, as for me, it only went up to 665kd! They increased the salary base on the year of experience. I'm a 2yr-ex-Kuwait nurse by the way and is only planning to work there until I receive my US visa.

    Which agency hired you? ADM, Mom's way or Best1? GL
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    GOOD DAY... hey nurse JV... uhm, july 14 or june 14? what agency are you in? you mean medical or the pre-medical exam (HbsAg and x-ray)??? im done all my requirements last June but still waiting for the agency to contact me if there's new information... yet til now, i haven't heard anything and even signing of contract, never done yet... thanks
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    Hello Collegues:

    Haha im sorry Kreutz it was June 14.. It was a Pre-Medical but the Test done is not limitted to Hbsag and Xray. It is a Complete Medical exam. Laboratories, Xray, Physical Exam, Dental, Vision etc.. My agency is BEST ONE.
    What agency are you from Kreutz? Goodluck to you Piorf for American dream
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    ahhh.. ok... My agency is mother's way... well, good luck for all of us... keep posting if there are new informations.

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