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us demand for filipino nurses declining - educator change in work attitude... i wonder if this is related to the nurses who got "fast track" bsns, all in less than 6 months. cgfns & uscis have to crack down on these... Read More

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    Quote from dona4jc
    i wonder were those filipino nurses are? coz i have yet to see this in florida and i've already worked in several hospitals as a travel nurse and have worked w/ fellow pinays/pinoys and they have the best work ethic compared to others.
    try california.

    i have met exactly this kind of nurse, but not filipino.

    it did open my eyes to how callous some "nurses" can be. (quotation marks provided because i don't see them as real nurses.)

    disclaimer: i am not bashing a specific race or nationality, i am just sharing what i experienced.

    i have met a naturalized american of mexican descent right before, during, and after her ipn days.

    she put a lot of weight on the "rn, bsn" on your badge...until i asked basic questions on how to do things on the floor.

    to clarify: nursing students in the us are exposed to how they do things after a few months of didactics...meaning before they graduate (when they extern) they have at least 1 year of exposure to the floors.

    contrast that with a foreign graduate who knew zilch about how they did things on the floor. of course i had to ask questions.

    she treated me like dirt after that, and looked at my "rn, bsn" with disdain.

    anyway, while most of us nurses were running our buttocks off answering call lights, taking vital signs, and giving meds, this prima donna was chatting with the charge nurse, "oh, i'm so pretty! i'm graduating at the top of my class! a lot of hospitals are trying to hire me, the hospital which gets me will be lucky!"

    ha ha ha ha ha!

    pardon me, i had to laugh at her stupidity. she was aptly named by her parents, coz her name meant "irritate" in filipino.

    she did not know the line between being an extern--when they were being treated with kid gloves--and the real nursing world.

    she breezed through her ipn days (after graduation and before passing the nclex-rn. the hospital pays them to work in the hospital.) with similar behavior--sitting on her buttocks. i hate hearing that "i'm so pretty!" phrase. who in her right mind says that?

    when she passed the nclex-rn, she bragged about how easy it was. "my god, i shouldn't have wasted time reviewing for that exam! it was so easy!"

    then the real world came crashing down on her.

    i don't see her around anymore.

    feeling pretty will not help you be a good nurse.

    anyway, to get back to the topic: getting paid for doing (almost) nothing...this is possible. if these "nurses" pick the right floor.

    obviously icu and er are out.

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    Quote from Rep
    Well, you can get that kind of salary if you work in the Bay area of Ca but you would would spending much for rents.
    I guess because of the OT wages... 1.5 after 8 hrs, 2x after 12 hrs, huh?

    Bay area..hmm.. I was actually thinking about working there as a travel nurse that way I don't have to pay rent but my husband doesn't like the idea of working there or anywhere near LA county. I hear North California pays more. We'd probably work there or Orange County (would probably pay less) since that's where my husband is originally from, probably take housing stipend if my mom in law would let us stay w/ her.
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    Quote from pinoy_guy
    try california.
    that's what i thought. go figure.

    Quote from pinoy_guy
    feeling pretty will not help you be a good nurse.
    don't like air-heads neither. she probably have low self esteem so she's trying to esteem herself that way.
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    This is really a very sad thing for us nurses. There are still alot of good and hardworking nurses out there who would like to live the american dream. In my humble opinion there are alot of ways to filter out those nurses who give in to schools who sell BSN diplomas for cash. Like for example banning graduates of schools who have BSN programs that last something like 2 and a half years. To narrow down the list they can also take into consideration the paasco accreditation given to schools with good standards. For me that would flush out nearly all the culprits that caused these troubles we are faced with. It would take some flexing of muscle from the government. But I hope that the cgfns would take initiative with this, after all it is their mandate to screen foreign nurses. For a job as big as this, I would not rely on the phil Gov. Im so sorry
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    Businesswise, Henry Seno's interview by the local newspaper, is purely advertisement. He said he is the president of the American Dream Review Institute --- he is trying to gain popularity for his review center since it is very new in Cebu where Sunstar happens to be the widely read local paper. I have to say, students in top schools didnt even have second thoughts enrolling in review centers growing like mushrooms.

    By addressing such claims, he knows that it will be in the headline of the newspaper. Moreover, any news with regards to the nursing sector is of big interest in the Philippines, NOWADAYS. Thus, he is really smart!

    I doubt if he is in the right position to make such statements even if he claims he is connected with this agency blah blah. Everyone in their kind of business claims the same thing.

    This article is purely advertisement!

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    I agree with you Lasagna_RN!

    I've worked with a lot of fellow Filipino nurses here and most of us are hardworking, quiet (sometimes too quiet:spin law abiding citizens/residents!

    there is pure vested interest written all over this article!:angryfire

    "Amdream's website said it is an affiliate of a Los Angeles-based company with operations in the Philippines that serves as a springboard for Asian operations. It was conceptualized for the purpose of assisting nurses to pass the different US immigration requirements."
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    nobody is saying this article is the gospel truth.

    i put my comments after the quotes. for me, it's a case of "where there's smoke..."

    not seeing this kind of nurses in your hospital outside california--like texas--does not mean that they do not exist.

    in california, a lot of hospitals stopped direct hiring because of nurses who breached their contracts. some were asked to "resign" because they do not have the requisite skills.

    most ca hospitals get their nurses from agencies now. this might even stop in the near future.

    it's so tiring.

    i'll leave it to the naysayers and snipers to share their experiences.
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    In the Bay Area, that type of salary is quite common for someone with experience, and who is willing to work a little overtime. It is not out of the realm of things at all.

    The person that made that statement is trying to push his program, and sorry to say he does not have any insider track, neither does anyone else with a review center trying to get people to the US. They selll bodies only and get a kick-back from the agency in the Us, and that is all that they care about. And essentially makes them a recruiter, doubt if he is licensed to do that.

    And the issue is nurses that are coming over and do not have adequate training. And before the huge increase in the number of school there, things were just fine. Five years ago, before the advent of the second courser programs there, things were just fine, and you rarely saw any issues, now they are cropping up all of the time, and from all programs now, not just the second courser programs. Sure there are few that are still goof, but the majority of them are just interested in the number that they can turn out. Nothing more, and heaven forbid that one of their graduates would take care of a school owner's family. They would shudder at the thought, and perhaps they need to see this up close and personal and it be required that their family members need to get their care from some of their graduates.

    But this guy that has the review center, it is too late for the students that have already finished and completed their degree, he can only prepare them for exams, past the training that they need. And wonder if he is even a nurse at all, either.

    When you see clinical lecturers as well as clinical instructors working in that role when they have no experience as an RN, what do you think that their students are going to learn? Does not matter if they graduated at the top of their class, the issue is that they do not have any experience at the clinical bedside. And this is what makes a nurse.
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    Many hospitals in CA have stopped hiring from the Philippines even as direct hire, or thru agencies. You will not see one hospital in the Bay Area doing that, or even find more than a few in the LA area. You can say what ever you wish about this, but the problem is that too many have walked from their contracts as soon as they got their green card.

    We have seen it happen over and over again, from Santa Barbara, north, and then south to the border. They are refusing, and the few that still are, many will not take a second courser at this time. And it is not for want or trying, they have, and they decided not to do it in the future. And you add in the retrogression, it is going to be much harder to get petitioned in a hospital in most areas.
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    AOS just had 300,000 petitions submitted in the past month or two, and that is more than double the number of visas that are issued per year to those under the EB-3 category. So that is not going to be an option of anyone for sometime.

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