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> are there any nurses here working in ospital ng makati? > i took the final interview last september, when are they gonna hire? > is the new building beside osmak is functional? > what is the... Read More

  1. by   usrnnapoako
    Quote from mikeru22
    I do but then again while many of the applicants just need a single ticket from heaven to get in, there were also a couple of applicants who went through the regular process without counting on backers...Trust me those people who got in without backers are my friends and colleagues in college I can give you their names wahahaha kidding aside.

    me too and all off us... i underwent all the process.... by the end...... you'll seek help from backers.... i interviewed most(almost all) newly hired this year. and they have their own backers so i'll know whom will I give extra careful voice... haha.... i am not part of the training department but i used to handle and supervise 4-5 person in our area. one thing more, this hospital is a government institution... nothing exists without a backer. maybe with the previous chief nurse....
  2. by   mikeru22
    I know right? I am not saying that we don't need backers to be shortlisted as OsMak employees, my point is some people I know got in without one. Yay, I myself have one. I was told my name has just been included in the list after the SELECOM. OMG, I really hope to get in very soon. My license will expire in 2014. I don't want to renew my license for the 2nd time without any clinical experience.