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echo23 has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER.

I'm more of a person you can ever think of. 😃

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  1. u need to have experience in order to win a job. Im still in the process of knowing the pros and cons in that region but like what i said this will be a desperate move for me.
  2. Hi guys. Im very interested to work in Norway. I call this a desperate move. I visited an agency just this afternoon. And i'm impressed by the way they explain to me all my queries regarding work for Norway. I'm very eager I will push through. I have a friend who already registered for SAFH under that agency. I'm planning to pass all my requirements by next week. =)
  3. Is this true? Australia Will Hold Applications For Their Foreign Nursing Jobs! http://www.nursingjobsabroad.net/australia-will-hold-applications-for-their-foreign-nursing-jobs/#content
  4. echo23

    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    Yes i am. =)
  5. echo23

    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    Wow:yelclap: It's been more than 2years since i started this thread.:w00t: I never imagine so many people are interested in applying for Ospital ng Makati. Well, I wish you all goodluck!
  6. Hi guys! do you recommend bridging programs through consultancy firm here in the philippines?
  7. echo23

    Qualities of an ER nurse!

    Hi king, Im from philly same as yours and im new at ED..I just started my rotation since monday and i gotta say it's overwhelming..I mainly observed the flow of nurses and know all the protocols in my hospital..I gotta say that Im loving the ED Environment..Well goodluck, Hope you will soon become an ER nurse. My advise would be, you should know the protocols of the ED first before engaging in a warzone area..hehe.. =)
  8. echo23

    Rules for the ER (long)

    you're lucky ed you only got 4 patients. I usually have minimum 15patients at ED in an 8hour shift. but still i love my job. =)
  9. echo23

    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    Well, more info about my application at osmak goes this way>>> I passed my documents for application May of last year. Then they texted me on August for the Nursing exam, then a week later they sms me for my psychological exam, 3 days after the exam they again texted me for psyche interview, then about two weeks after the interview, they texted me for my final interview that happened on september... I waited then follow up, waited then follow up again..until I received a text on 27th March from osmak to pass all my original documents and informed me to prepare for my medical exam and the training will soon start...That's my application story at osmak.. bow..hehe.. =)
  10. echo23

    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    Hello guys, i'm from Quezon City and I am going to start my training at osmak this month..most probably for 1month only..then regularization, i think. hehe.. =)
  11. I know an agency that are accepting volunteer nurse as an experience for New Zealand. A year of volunteering is enough and of course an ielts passer with a grade of 7 in all subtests.
  12. echo23

    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    Sorry I did'nt know that..
  13. echo23

    Questions for Ospital ng Makati..

    Sampaguita St. Brgy. Pembo, Fort Bonifacio Makati City It's only a 15minute ride from mrt guadalupe station.
  14. echo23

    Unemployed NURSE

    wanna try call center jobs as healthcare account while waiting for the hospital to hire you? hehehe.. im seeing that option..
  15. echo23

    Nurse/Patient Ratios

    1:20 in a government hospital in my country, lol..
  16. Thanks betty I appreciate your advices..

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