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hello friends, i went to poea last wednesday to pass my requirements. they told me to wait for their text message, just wondering how long does it take for them to text me?... Read More

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    Quote from tinkahbel
    @nars 0123- yes you can submit photocopies of your documents but you must bring all original documents for documentation. Yes, highschool diploma is needed.

    Form 137 and diploma in highschool is different right? thank you..)

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    Quote from nars0123
    Form 137 and diploma in highschool is different right? thank you..)
    yes, they're not the same
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    Quote from nars0123
    Hi am planning to apply as a walk in applicant this october delegation. i have also a 1 and a half year experience. carpe diem!! ps. does the documents need to be red ribbon before passing it to poea? thanks
    hi ms. nars0123! Would there really be an October delegation? because I went to poea but they told me they weren't sure when will the delegation be. It was frustrating.
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    hi! do you know some recruitment agenicies here in manila that accepts male nurses to work in middle east?
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    hi! do you know some recruitment agencies in manila that accepts male nurses to work in middle east?
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    Hi.. I passed my requirements to POEA last November 2010.. I have only 1 year experience as a Staff Nurse and it was long before (February 2007 - February 2008) but still they'd accepted it.. They'd said that they will text me this last week of December 2010 but still I have not notified.. tomorrow is already Holiday.. I am wondering maybe it is because of my experience.. Does anybody know about the delegation for MOH? thank you..
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    Quote from senyoritaRN
    Hello SRO Saudi Recruitment Office in makati
    Hello! I have only 1 year experience and it was long before (February 2007 - February 2008). Am I qualified for Saudi? ThAnks
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    Hm..not sure about that..you have almost 2 years gap since your last nursing job..SRO didn't really mention about that in their job openings..but there's no harm in trying, right?
    Maybe the next delegation will come February or March (or could possibly be beyond those months), depending on MOH-KSA's needs for staff nurses.
    Until now there are lots of hospitals in KSA that are lacking with staff nurses..they are building and expanding more hospitals and PHC.
    So, just stand by. We'll get our rightful opportunities in God's plan=)
    For the meantime, try to gain more experience/trainings/skill updates.('_,^)
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    guys, question please...

    will they accept 1 year experience as a school nurse and 6 months training in a hospital setting or are they strict about the experience as staff nurse?
    can we pass the documents in the SRO or do we have to go to POEA?

    thanks in advance to those who will take time to answer my queries!
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    @ smo2886,
    I think trainings are not counted as working experience since the SRO will be requiring for you COE (certificate of employment). And for your school nurse experience..i'm not sure if SRO will or will not accept it.
    The minimum working experience required by SRO is 1 year.
    Better visit POEA office first and inquire about your concerns, for verification.
    Besides, SRO office is still in Saudi Embassy, and it's kind of hard to go inside the embassy 'coz strict security is implemented there.

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