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missaphrodite specializes in Emergency Room.

RN, working in KSA for 3 years and now studying for nclex exam.

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  1. can someone please help me and give me some guidelines on how to become a registered nurse in victoria as a nurse? i heard that a foreign nurses who aspires to work in australia as a nurse must undergo a bridging course? can someone please help me with the procedures? and steps? thank you ....
  2. missaphrodite

    Saudi- MOH

    is there anyone knows about dibah hospital in tabuK any feedback?
  3. missaphrodite

    Why I have chosen nursing as a career

    can i post this on my blog?
  4. missaphrodite

    2nd Time Around Passed here is how MUST READ

    thank you for sharing this.. im gonna copy this now on my notes.. thank you so much!!1
  5. missaphrodite

    starting all over again !! BUT how do i do that !!

    read the content first..
  6. missaphrodite

    NCELZ study tips

    self study...
  7. missaphrodite

    Saudi- MOH

    @medic28. I have been working in KSA as a nurse for two years in a private clinic. Private clinics and hospitals in KSA offer less salary compared to gov't hospitals.
  8. missaphrodite

    If you could only choose one book...

    as of now, i am not answering the cd saudners 4th edition. my plan is to finish the book and then answer the cd.. is that right?:heartbeat
  9. missaphrodite

    Any tips for study plan?

    thanks for that.. i actually have a saunders 4th edition.. i am reading it. chapter by chapter...
  10. missaphrodite

    POEA/SRO Nurses for KSA

    Hello friends, I went to poea last Wednesday to pass my requirements. They told me to wait for their text message, just wondering how long does it take for them to text me?
  11. missaphrodite

    Saudi- MOH

    hello is there anyone here knows about the waiting period one must wait after passing the papers in poea? the told me to wait for the text message, how long would it takes?
  12. missaphrodite

    Ca nclex question format??????

    ca nclex is really hard
  13. missaphrodite

    Need some help and advice to pass NCLEX please

    this is also my problem.. =(
  14. missaphrodite

    Any tips for study plan?

    I took the nclex exam last year and i failed:crying2:. I know my study plan was not effective cause during that time i am switching from one book to another and i ended up not finishing any book. now, i am asking for any advice. i am workign as a full time nurse too. can you please give me a good and effective study plan, and also i am looking for an online study partner? we can exchange notes, etc. thank you!:)
  15. missaphrodite

    If you could only choose one book...

    saunders comprehensive review

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