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Anyone here worked at PGH before? Looks like they're hiring. While waiting out the retrogression, might as well, right?... Read More

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    Hey Jap, yes the exam is ongoing for manpower pooling only. To get a schedule, you must secure an application form from the DNRD on the 2nd level of the main building. You can ask the receptionist for directions. Secure an application form from the DNRD (you would need a passport size pic on a white background for that as well as a current cedulla). You would also need to attach a copy of resume with character reference with it. Once you're done filling the application in, go to the cashier on the ground floor and pay the testing fee (I believe it's P300.00, I can't remember how much I paid anymore). After that go back to the DNRD and submit the application form with resume so you can get your exam schedule. It normally takes 2-3 months before you can take the NP

    Wow. I just got home from PGH and I'm taking the exam a week from now.
    Wish me luck.

    Anyway, can someone here kindly explain the term MANPOOLING? Is it like a reserve for nurses. I just passed the June NLE 2012, finished BLS ACLS and IVT training. Now I'm doing hospital hoppings and apparently Mandaluyong City Medical Center and Medical Center Manila are not accepting applicants at the moment. I'd really love to be a part of the PGH staff. But would it really take YEARS if ever I (hopefully) pass the exam?
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    hi guys! I just passed the june 2012 NLE, and i'm planning to have my training at PGH..Just wanna ask if anyone here knows when will they release the APCN dean's form?
    thanks guys! Godbless..=)
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    Manpower pooling means that they are not currently in need of nurses, but in case they do in the future, then they will get people from the "pool." (Yup, reserve for nurses)

    Unfortunately, yes, it would really take years before you can be a part of the PGH staff, unless you graduated from UPCN because they give priority to their graduates. Waiting time (based from what I read here) is 2-3 years max..

    I got my exam sched on Jan 2011, took the exam on April 2011, got the result on May 2011 (they usually release the result 1 month after you took your exam) then got did my panel interview on July 2011. I went to the DNRD office last 3 or 4 mos ago to update my contact info and at the same time follow-up my application, the lady there showed me the list of people lined up for final interview, sighed and just told me that it will still take long before I am called for my final interview.

    Waiting. waiting. waiting. Most people will tell you here, patience is a virtue, and it is, really, esp. applying for PGH.

    So goodluck pinkveined on your upcoming exam. Hopefully we'll be part of the nursing dept. of PGH soon!
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    Quote from jennyxxx28
    hi guys! I just passed the june 2012 NLE, and i'm planning to have my training at PGH..Just wanna ask if anyone here knows when will they release the APCN dean's form?
    thanks guys! Godbless..=)
    Good decision. They will release the next batch of dean's form on November 5, 2012 (as posted lately on the bulletin board of DNET). Just make sure you check on them once in a while, just in case there will be changes.

    If you're considering to work in PGH, I suggest you begin processing your application as well. Start by taking the Nursing Practice Exam given by the DNRD. Being a fresh board passer, will give you an edge in passing that difficult exam. As they say, it will take 2-3 years before one is deployed in their institution. But at least, while attending the APCN, your application is running already. Good luck!