New thread that will lead us to New job and trainings

  1. I hope this thread will help Nurses that is seeking for information regarding different trainings in hospital....

    so what are you waiting for

    Start blogging now my fellow nurses....

    any Info will do
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  3. by   Nurse_ian
    I hope this thread will help Nurses who is seeking information regarding different trainings in a hospital....

    So what are you waiting for

    Start blogging now my fellow nurses....

    any Info will do..........
  4. by   Nurse_ian
    here are the latest news for different hospital

    RMC-- already started the project RMC because the lady who is incharge said to me that they have already trainees.. whheeeew i havent receive any text from them or call and i apply earlier...

    Manila doctors-- They are not persuing their training this month for they are busy for accreditation thia is according to their NSO\

    QMMC -- they are still accepting applicants for their NTP program.......

    MAMC-- has already started their critical care training

    East avenue --- freeze hiring

    PCMC---- manpooling

    NCMH----- freeze hiring ( tapos na ang submission ng requirements last july)

    i will add more tomorrow my fellow nurses i will just visit first the other hospitals
  5. by   sugarplum18PH&USRN
    Thanks for starting this thread Nurse_Ian. Please allow me to add more info here. I hope I could be of help to other fellow nurses, who are experiencing the same sad situation as I do.

    1. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center
    Passed my resume last Wednesday to the security guard. Turns out he gave it to the HR or Fe Del Mundo Nursing Service Office - Professional Nursing Training Program. I received a message Sunday morning about the sked of my exam the followng day at 7-9AM. No fees to be paid. Wear clinical uniform. However, I missed it. Why? Check entry #2 (I tried to wriggle my way to get a reschedule but my "textmate" from their office said I only have til 1PM today for the exam.)

    2. Philippine Heart Center
    Had my exam today. Same day as that of FDMC. For me, the exam was really difficult. In the afternoon, there was an interview. Php100 for the exam, Php6000 for the 65th Critical Care Course, the last of its kind. (Not sure if that's for this year only) Out of 100+ RNs, they will only get 40 RNs. I hope I had impressed my interviewer but let me tell you, she's one of those "traditional" nurses who are grumpy and grouchy (do these 2 words mean the same thing?)

    3. Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
    I got called on a Tuesday morning informing me that I will have a qualifying exam on Sept. 14, tomorrow/today, whenever this post gets reviewed and "posted" Payment of Php100 for the exam.

    That's all I know so far. Like Nurse_Ian, I will try to keep everyone updated. God bless!
  6. by   lunatic_nars
    this thread is very helpful...

    Hospitals currently accepting applications:

    Medical Center Manila
    Lourdes Hospital
    Metropolitan Medical Center
    UST Hospital

    feel free to add more...
    I am not sure if it is for trainings or for Staff nurse position.
  7. by   corpuscles
    guys, can you also add the requirements to be submitted in the hospital? i think that would be helpful to everyone too. thanks!
  8. by   hot_rod3484
    I just called Medical Center Manila and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Manila, both of their HR told me that they are freeze hiring as of the moment. As for Metropolitan Medical Center, no one is answering my call
  9. by   yehs14
    We just went to Medical Center Manila and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital --- BOTH are FREEZE hiring.

    Potenciano Hospital - they have opening for staff nurse (You must have 80% and above board rating to qualify)
    Infant Jesus Hospital (Manila) - is also accepting applicants. Again, you must have 80% and above on your board rating.
  10. by   sugarplum18PH&USRN
    Quote from hot_rod3484
    I just called Medical Center Manila and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Manila, both of their HR told me that they are freeze hiring as of the moment. As for Metropolitan Medical Center, no one is answering my call

    Medical Center Manila accepts application of RNs even they're on freeze hiring. Just place your requirements in a folder and write your name in the logbook. HR is at the 10th floor.

    Lourdes Hospital is not accepting applications starting today (I went there earlier today) They also have an age limit: RN should not be more than 25 years old. HR rep told me to call after 2 months if they'll be accepting RNs at that time.

    San Lazaro Hospital is closed for Nurse I positions. They're no longer accepting requirements. Training is for their employees only (that's what the stout man in the nursing training office told me)

    Jose Reyes Memorial has an ongoing training. Call next year. Schedules of trainings are probably on February and August 2011. If you go there, the kind nurse manager will let you sign at the log folder. She is also requesting that we leave our landlines open because that's where they will basically contact us.

    Hospital of the Infant Jesus is in need of RNs. You should be able to complete BLS and IVT. Once hired, you will undergo 2 months training. Strict requirement: Board rating average should be above 80% and no subject (out of the 5 exams) should be graded lower than 75%. Payment for exam is Php100. Bring calculator.

    UST is open for trainees who also graduated from their university. Lady in the Nursing training office told me about it and she said they might open their doors again this October 2010. If 1 UST RN backs out, they MIGHT give the slot to an "outsider". They have a schedule of IVT this year. Please call or go there.

    Manila Doctors is on freeze hiring too but they are also accepting applications. Put credentials in a long folder then inside an envelope. They're very stringent as to following instructions. Write name and contact details on their log sheet. HR is at 2nd floor Padilla bldg.

    Hope this helps! Any news on Marikina hospitals? I read in a very old thread about Amang Rodriguez having training this month. Any of the readers who went there this week or earlier? I might go there tomorrow just to check it out.
  11. by   medic8
    What are the exam fees for? for the papers? Test papers as expensive as P100? duh?! Profiteering at its finest. hehe! As long as there are hundreds/thousands of aspiring nurses willing to pay for these kind of fees (including paying to volunteer and working without pay), these practice will prevail no matter what. so sad.

    Are trainings/volunteer experience already considered as employment experience considered nowadays?
  12. by   spongebob6286
    glad to hear that there are still hospitals hiring
  13. by   Nurse_ian
    My dear fellow nurses,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and information in this thread

    I hope all those who is reading this thread will also share their info that they gather while doing hospital hopping

    Yesterday I went to

    Gat andres hospital-- i didnt have a chance to apply in their volunteer program coz i am not residing in manila. You must have brgy cert to prove that your from manila are.

    Mary johnston Hospital--- no hiring and their slots for training is already full will be in the floor by october... the payment is 10 k for special area MICU,OR,DIALYSIS

    National Childrens Hospital-- freeze hiring according to the guard .... but when i look at the log in book of the hospital there are 4 or 5 people who log in and there destination is in the NSO ... there purpose indicate APPLICANT......Shame on him.... Maybe Backer system is a plus inorder to pass crdentials

    PCMC-- accept credentials but for man pooling

    East avenue---"no slots for volunteer... they already hired contractuals and permanent nurse" ... This is posted at the door at the NSO of EAMC

    Ospital ng MUntinlupa-- no slots for volunteer

    GUys share more information so that all of us will benefit on this site

    Godbless you all those who share Information....

    Dont worry guys we will land a job or training soon

    keep this thread UP always
  14. by   Nurse_ian
    @ medic--- again trainings is not consider as employment....trainings will only be an edge when applying for a job... trainings will be able to hone your skills in nursing.


    Here's more information for my fellow nurses

    Metropolitan Hospital accepts credential from FEMALE only( they are hiring)

    Asian hospital-- freeze hiring

    Tagig doctors-- accept applicants for evaluation