NC-CLEX an International Training Center?

  1. Hi.. just wanna ask if NC-CLEX is an international training for acquiring BLS, ACLS, ECG? To anyone who took their training there, is it worth it? If you would be going in the US, are the licenses and certificates valid there? Coz honestly its cheaper to acquire these trainings there compared to Phil Heart Center but then they have a totally different curriculum or something.. If you undergo these trainings at NC-CLEX it won't be valid in PHC according to them so to anyone who could answer my queries would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   suzakucarl
    Hi I trained both in phc and nc-clex. They both train you good. NC-CLEX trainings are accredited in california, but not in Philippines. The trainings in PHC are valid in the philippines but not in the US. The BLS in Nc-clex is the new one. While the BLS in PHC is the old one. The philippines is still following the old one in general, so the new one that NC-CLEx is teaching is american-based and not philippine-based.

    If u gonna work abroad, particularly in california, then get bls of ncclex. But if you're gonna work locally, then get the BLS of local hospitals.
  4. by   Achell
    great info there suzakucarl!! thanks a lot! i guess i'll be thinking more about it then before choosing..
  5. by   suzakucarl
    You're welcome. If you wanna know what I did, I took the BLS of PHC so that I will be able to apply for a job in the country. And I took the ECG and ACLS at NC-CLEX because these two are not really necessary for application at local hospitals. The usual trainings that are required by local hospitals are BLS and IVT.
  6. by   Love_RN
    i don't think the nc-clex training is honored in US other than CA (not sure) but I took it anyway. WHY? well apart from good looking certificates and a plus in the resume, the confidence that the training gives is awesome. I just took one class though (ACLS) coz I had to had to go soon.
  7. by   sweetlander2003
    it looks like NC-CLEX have CA BRN # which suggest that their classes have some sort of approval however the BLS and ACLS are not American heart association accred which most hospital still wants to see.
  8. by   Hushdawg
    NC-CLEX is a Philippine business which registered in California AS A BUSINESS.

    It's not licensed as an educational facility in California and is not recognized by
    CA BRN as anything more than a "continuing ed provider".$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=14406&P_ LTE_ID=820

    Notice there under licenses/registrations/permits they have none.

    CA BRN provides this as information, this is NOT an endorsement of NC-CLEX by CA BRN as they would like to claim.

    If you want American Heart Association accredited ACLS you should check out CHEERS which can also give Australian licensed EMT courses and all sorts of other neat stuff.

    I recently learned about CHEERS and I've checked out their license claims over the last week. They seem to be on the up and up.

    See for yourself:
  9. by   PinchRN
    Worth it! And my certs from NCCLEX were recognized both in California and Nevada.. My acls training even increased my hourly rate. Their trainings are indispensable!
  10. by   edelbrock67
    wow.. Where is NCclex here in manila?? damage?