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  1. Achell

    Haad exams

    To anyone in this thread whose already going to or done taking the HAAD exam, i just want to ask if there is eligibility requirement for taking the exam like with NCLEX? or i could just go directly at the website of pearsonvue and schedule the said exam then pay for it? I'm confused because i found the website of HAAD and there is a so called DATAFLOW that you have to accomplish though it isn't said there if it needs to be accomplished before or after the exam? please to anyone who could answer me.. thank you in advance.
  2. Achell

    RN with DOH and MOH license in Dubai, UAE

    To freekyjohn11 Good day to you.. Just want to ask if you already took the HAAD exam prior to filling in the DATAFLOW? I'm kind of confused which to do first between the exam and filling the DATAFLOW from the HAAD website.. Please help.. Need your answer badly.. Thanks in advance.
  3. Achell

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center

    @ bettyboop09 hi just wanna ask if for this month they are hiring?? and by hiring you mean to be an employee right? is it necessary that the applicant already has experience or any basic training? coz i only have the basic requirements which are BLS and IVT, never had the basic training yet.. thanks for your reply!
  4. @ suzakucarl what a waste of license if it can't give you a job nor skills training if no board certificate to present! anyway thanks!
  5. Achell

    NC-CLEX an International Training Center?

    great info there suzakucarl!! thanks a lot! i guess i'll be thinking more about it then before choosing.. :)
  6. Hi.. just wanna ask if NC-CLEX is an international training for acquiring BLS, ACLS, ECG? To anyone who took their training there, is it worth it? If you would be going in the US, are the licenses and certificates valid there? Coz honestly its cheaper to acquire these trainings there compared to Phil Heart Center but then they have a totally different curriculum or something.. If you undergo these trainings at NC-CLEX it won't be valid in PHC according to them so to anyone who could answer my queries would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!
  7. Achell

    Training on Dialysis

    can i just ask, if you're already a certified renal nurse here in the Philippines, are u also considered CRN if going to a different a country to work there??
  8. is there anyone in this thread a July 2010 board passer? if so, did you get your board certificate in PRC? i went there last week and it's still posted that they're not giving it yet.. it's one of the important requirements when applying for training in hospitals so it's really frustrating! thanks in advance for a reply..
  9. Hi there.. i'm new here and i read a lot about CHMC.. i just wanna know how you contacted and passed your application forms and requirements? is the office you're talking about inside CHMC? coz from wat ive seen as i passed there it's still close and not yet done.. but could you share contact numbers and how to apply? thanks so much!!
  10. Hi.. just wanna ask if the hospital we're talking about here is the newly built one near SM Fairview?? thanks for d reply!