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hello!:wavey: Can anyone tell me how long does it take to process an application in Makati Medical Center? Because Im planning to submit my resume this month of november... And are there any special requirements that i need... Read More

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    I'm not sure. Just call the training office...

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    hey guys! does anyone here know if the cetn prog already started for december 08 or not yet? i submitted my requirements to mmc almost a month ago and still i haven't received any text msg or a call from them...i just want to know if i still have a shot...:wink2: thanx!
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    Hmm... I'm not really sure. I haven't seen any CETN these passed few days after the last batch who had their duties in our unit. If you were not able to hear anything from them, just call the training office or just wait.... There are alot of applicants and you shouldn't expect that everyone will be approved!
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    alright...thanx lenjoy!
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    Hi there!!I'm planning to submit my requirements for CETN by early next year, but is there really a guarantee that they will hire me after the completion of the training?How long is the waiting period after you passed the requirements?
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    When will MMC accept applications for employment? What are the requirements?
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    Hi... May I ask what are the requirements for the CETN program of MMC? I'm from Zamboanga City and would be in Manila on April to take my NCLEX and I'm really interested in applying for their training program... Thanks a bunch!
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    requirements for CETN :typing
    photocopy of ff:
    > resume
    > prc id
    > board rating
    > TOR with RLE
    > diploma
    > good moral character
    > NBI clearance
    > Birth certificate
    > 2 pieces 2x2 pics

    these were the requirements for 2008, i'm not sure if this is the same for this year...
    hope this will help
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    thanks alot, nurse_carla1987!!!
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    ms. lenjoy im currently in the cetn still a bit confused bout where i should go for the 3rd month rotation of choice.what would you suggest is a good unit to rotate in? i dont know what all the units are and what the specifics for each unit a nurse does ....

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