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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   Dinx
    You don't have to worry about work here per se as a nurse, we do have the skills and the knowledge to perform our duties. Trust me, things will be done accordingly when you will be here aleady. All work when handed to you will be learned as time goes by, so no worries.
  2. by   mokz
    thanks a lot... that atleast lessen my anxiety. How about the accommodation, food, co-workers, immediate supervisors and patients you handled? Can you share to me some insights or your experiences with those may it be positive or negative... highly appreciated.
  3. by   Dinx
    Our accommodation is free and was provided by the ministry and our hostel is fully furnish and nice. I have no idea about for private hospitals which I knew is provided by sub-cons (not sure as well).

    Co-workers: just do good with your work and basically be nice to them and in return they will be nice to you and it also goes to supervisors, patients etc....

    Just focus on your application first, maybe it will take long before you can come here. Just enjoy your stay while you are still waiting in the Philippines. Take it sway-sway ( arabic for slowly!)

    Good Luck and God Bless!!!
  4. by   avengers001
    Can i ask something? and hope some one can answer my question. im applying for MOH in kuwait here in Phil. and exam are supposedly last December according to my agency but up to this moment there is no update when will that exam be, am i not wasting my time in waiting for something that will not happen? hope to have answers to my question.. thank you...
  5. by   Dinx
    The agency where you applied can best answer your inquiries.

    Anyway, let me share some first hand information here in Kuwait. As what I've observed, MOH hospitals here (Al Sabah Hospital, Amiri Hospital, Mubarak Hospital, Adan Hospital, Jarah Hospital and Farwaniya Hospital) have sufficient/enough and some have plenty of staff nurses due to the fact that over one thousand nurses from India and Philippines were hired last year and up to now the Ministry is not done yet with the processing/formalities of all papers. I had the chance to speak with our Nursing Director during my first evaluation and got the chance to ask about future hirings of the Ministry and said that at this point in time, there is no need for the Ministry to hire because they do have enough Staff nurses. Even with the Police affairs/academy, prison, dental, derma, ect, whose nurses are also hired by the Ministry, most feedback is there are plenty of staff nurses and only very few are resigning due to the fact that work now for nurses are hard to find in western countries.

    One good thing is, the Ministry is building a one big hospital somewhere in Sura and its still under construction now. Maybe, just maybe, this is the one most agencies in the Philippines are trying to advertised for possible vacancies, but I think it will still be later than sooner. It wont take months to finish and immediately hire nurses for a big hospital as we all know...LOL.

    This I'm talking about is for Government Hospitals, I have no idea for private hospitals. Extend your horizons, apply to other opportunities, the more, the merrier as they say!!!

    Hope this helps.
  6. by   zephie814
    Hi avengers001!

    Dinx is right - your agency can best answer your question as the people there are the ones who have direct communication with MOH. As for the wasting your time part, i suggest that while waiting for the MOH exam you can try applying in other agencies and countries. By doing that you're increasing the probability of being hired - that is, if you're open to the idea of working in another country. Now if you're dead set on Kuwait then you'll have to be patient. I know there are private hospitals that are hiring nurses here in Kuwait, right now, I'm not sure when it comes to government hospitals though.

    They say there is a time and reason for everything so just hope and pray.

    Good luck!
  7. by   avengers001
    @Dinx- tnx for the info. too sad to say but maybe kuwait is not the ryt country for me.. ill try to apply to other agency for other country.. ive been wasting for my time waiting for that exam since december... maybe its not really meant for me..tnx for the info god bless

    @zephie 814- tnx for the tip, just a little bit disappointed on what is happening.
  8. by   zephie814
    @avengers001 - i know how you feel. waiting really sucks. but that's life...as i've said apply in as many agencies and countries as you like. sooner or later you'll hit jackpot...good luck!
  9. by   mokz
    hi guys, I just wanna ask if your agency asked for a broker's fee? in my case our placement fee goes this way, 1month from our salary, 60k brokers fee and 20k for visa processing. that goes around 130k. our salary is just 325kd minus the housing allowance of 50kd, so we were left with 275kd. is it fair? does your agency do have the same deal?
  10. by   Piorf
    that is totally unfair.. ask POEA and they will tell you that only ONE month salary should be given to your agency. it would be better if you can find an agency which directly hire nurses because they offer more(320kd for private hospitals as far as i know). do not rush!

    when i first applied in kuwait, my salary was 250kd and i only paid 250kd for the placement fee & 15k php for the processing of visa. try other agencies.
  11. by   jurujuru
    guys, any news from al essa??
  12. by   jurujuru
    @mokz, did you get your visa for al salam yet? I too is waiting for my visa..
  13. by   jurujuru
    Hi Piorf! i noticed you're on line. Do you by any chance have news about al essa? I took the exam and was interviewed last sep '11 and until now i havent heard any news about my visa. It is okay to wait this long?