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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   Piorf
    That's nice! well, as for me, it only went up to 665kd! They increased the salary base on the year of experience. I'm a 2yr-ex-Kuwait nurse by the way and is only planning to work there until I receive my US visa.

    Which agency hired you? ADM, Mom's way or Best1? GL
  2. by   kreutz
    GOOD DAY... hey nurse JV... uhm, july 14 or june 14? what agency are you in? you mean medical or the pre-medical exam (HbsAg and x-ray)??? im done all my requirements last June but still waiting for the agency to contact me if there's new information... yet til now, i haven't heard anything and even signing of contract, never done yet... thanks
  3. by   nursejv
    Hello Collegues:

    Haha im sorry Kreutz it was June 14.. It was a Pre-Medical but the Test done is not limitted to Hbsag and Xray. It is a Complete Medical exam. Laboratories, Xray, Physical Exam, Dental, Vision etc.. My agency is BEST ONE.
    What agency are you from Kreutz? Goodluck to you Piorf for American dream
  4. by   kreutz

    ahhh.. ok... My agency is mother's way... well, good luck for all of us... keep posting if there are new informations.
  5. by   Piorf
    Im from ADM and also had a lot of med exams done during the premed.
    I have friends,ex kuwait nurses, who applied in Mom's way and Best1. Actually, we were from Al Essa company, the main agency of Best1 in Kuwait. We worked in private hospitals and we're not satified with the salary/rules.treatment that we're getting. After the contract we decided to go home and reaapply.

    ADM told us that visas will be available today but when I called them, they said that they will inform us tomorrow if our visas are ready. Cant wait..
  6. by   nursejv
    Thanks for the info priof. hope that our visa too will come very soon. Godbless to all of us!
  7. by   kreutz
    yay... thanks a lot... can't wait... can't wait... Hope our VISA is there already... INSHAALLAH
  8. by   nursejv
    Hello Priof. DO you have your VISA already?
  9. by   Piorf
    Unfortunately, no, i dont have yet. Felt dissapointed, though it's expected. But what they've told us, the visas will be available within this week/month.

    btw, i heard from a friend that best1 agency will/might also release visit visa this month. In my experience, we will be able to get out of the country in 2-3mos.
  10. by   Dinx
    Only VISIT visa? tsk..tsk..
  11. by   nursejv
    Hi Priof,
    Oh really? anyway let's just wait for the progress of our docs.. Visit Visa? is it okay? isnt it Working Visa should they give? any idea about it? besides until now i dont have idea about employers? working area?

  12. by   kreutz
    visit visa is good for 2-3 months only, right? im not pretty sure... anyhow, whenever we get there by visit visa, is it guarantee that we will start working? or wait for the subcons for them to find any hospitals for us???

    PIPz... any ideas???
  13. by   Piorf
    well, i worked in a private hospitals before though i have flat mates who worked in MOH hospitals. when i arrived there i was able to work after 2 days. those who are assigned in MOH usually wait for like 3mos before getting into a hospital.

    there is no guarantee that we will start working after we arrive there. It is expected that they will only provide visit visa because the usual processing time for working visa is 6mos. they will only market/look for a hospital for us once we arrive there. So just imagine yourself eating, sleeping and getting bored for 3mos. with regards to the salary, what al essa did was, they gave us 25kd each month(for private hospitals) and started to deduct this amount when we had our first salary from the hospital.

    You are also not sure of which area you'll be assigned. Before I indicated in my COE/Resume that I worked in ER but they assigned me in Day Surgery/Endoscopy.

    Anyway, goodluck to all of us. please update us here if there are news from your agency. thanks!