How to be a Registered Nurse-Midwife in the Philippines?

  1. Good day to all. I just want to know the process on how to be a Registered Nurse-Midwife here in the Philippines. I am already a Registered Nurse and I am planning to take the Midwifery Licensure Examination. I decided that I'll pursue a specialization of Nurse-Midwife. I searched through the internet and I found out that the requirement for RNs before taking up the Midwifery Licensure Examination is the Record of 20 Deliveries. I just want to know the format of the Record of Deliveries. Another thing is that where can I complete those deliveries? Fabella isn't allowing RNs to complete their midwifery cases there. Please help me. Thanks in advance to those who will reply.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Cases need to be recorded just as you did for your basic RN license as a start.

    I do hope that it is going to be more than 20 deliveries before one can get the midwifery designation. It used to be 50 deliveries in the Philippines just for the basic RN.

    You should check with the licensing board there that overseas midwives to get their specifics on it. It is going to be much more than just 20 deliveries that one does.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    Per the Midwifery Law or Repulbic Act 7392, a Registered Nurse may be allowed to sit for the Midwifery Board Examination after having provided proof of completion of 20 deliveries (Article III Section 19).

    The Professional Regulation Commission's website is more specific and states that the RN should show proof of having handled 20 deliveries, 5 sutures, and 5 intravenous injections signed by the Hospital Director or Municipal Health Officer and duly notarized.

    It does seem like the requirements have been decreased to just 20 cases even for graduates of midwifery programs. I completed my delivery cases at Fabella as an RN student. The midwifery students at the time were required to handle 60 deliveries (late 80's to early 90's).

    If Fabella wouldn't allow you to complete cases, there are other public hospitals that have large volumes of deliveries and many are in local communities in many provinces. If this is something you wish to pursue, I recommend you start calling hospital administrators and see if they will let you complete the cases in their respective facilities.
  5. by   r0b0c0p
    Is there a required format for the Record of 20 deliveries, 5 sutures, and 5 in IV injections?
  6. by   woknblues
    Perhaps a little off topic..

    I find it interesting and unfair that a midwife in the Philippines has less education than an RN, but seems to practice with way more authority, autonomy and responsibility, (episiotomy and repair, etc). Whereas the American / UK counterpart midwife is an acknowledged advanced nursing practitioner, with advanced degree/certs.... For the record, every Philippine Midwife I ever met and worked with was absolutely incredible in terms of skill and efficiency(of course, some are delivering a thousand a year each, so how can you not get good at it, right?). All of the normal spontaneous deliveries I attended always used a midwife, be it in a secondary or tertiary facility. The midwives would just line the ladies up in order of gravida# of Xs and cm's from the IE.. They knew within 5 minutes of the delivery, just enough time to scrub in... If you go from RN (requires 15 or 20) to Midwife (20), I guess the bare minimum # of deliveries would be 35. In a month as a professional midwife, you will have 100 I bet. I would also think that there would be more suturing in the training, as 90% of all primis seem to have the episiotomy....
  7. by   bubbles0220
    There's a new memo out with regards to midwives education, its now a BS course...with the 2 years midwifery course and all the requirements passed, one could sit on the midwifery board exam and then when s/he passes the board exam that would be the time wherein one ould proceed to 3rd year of education and upon graduation, one could already put up a birthing clinic.
  8. by   cardiography
    hi.. can I also add the 5 delivery cases I obtain when I'm a student nurse to the 20 delivery cases required to take the midwifery exam
  9. by   checkmAte_07
    Do you have any idea where can i find hospital or lying center who are accepting completion of cases?. thanx
  10. by   judi_glory
    I have heard that this April will be the last chance for RNs to take midwifery exam without taking units from midwifery, is that true? Thanks..
  11. by   cardiography
    hi guys. do you know where to apply for suturing training?
  12. by   ajane25
    Hi. anyone who knows which hospitals is accepting for completion of RM Cases? I've read the topic and someone said, the interviewees are not accepting cases from Lying-in. The senior nurse at fabella and she told me that we can get anywhere the cases provided Midwife is trained to train students. Give us some insights about this please. Me and my friends are planning to take this November 2011.
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  13. by   pogs2005
    Hi ajane25.

    You can have cases anywhere you may want to provided your C.I is a registered midwife and she/he not graduated and passed the MLE 1995 or 1996 below. If you may have a C.I (a midwife) who happens to be a graduate of the old curriculum she/he must be a holder of "certificate of suture" to be qualified in signing your cases. (meaning lying in is okay all right)

    Now, if your C.I is a doctor then there shouldn't be a problem.

    All you need to do is:
    1. secure a copy of your C.I PRC license and or (Certificate of Training in Suturing)
    2. keep the letter of intend addressing to the Hospital Director or to any person who has jurisdiction in the birthing facility which has a stamp "RECEIVED" on it.
    3. only 1 case per day is allowed. Meaning you need to work for at least 1 month
    4. no cases is allowed which acquired during your nursing student days. (start from scratch) -I think that is all.
    5. GOOD LUCK. IT TOOK ME 3 MONTHS to LOOK for a facility. If you will start working today then you may have your MLE on November. IT WILL TAKE A LOT OF COURAGE, PERSEVERANCE AND PATIENCE also please add CONNECTIONS. YOU CAN DO IT!
  14. by   ajane25
    Hi pogs2005!

    Thanks for the infos, just few more questions. My friend told me it's fine to have the suturing and iv insertion in a private Lying-in as long as our cases for our handles must be from a public Lying-in or hospital. (BOM is strict about this because i think they are in doubt if it came from a private institution). In my case, we have our own Private Lying-in, my parents are both doctors. (this is the reason why I wanted to become a midwife also) Hmm.. My friend said that they get cases for suturing and insertion here even if the C.I. is only a doctor. Is it true? My friend told me that we just need to present the PRC license of the doctor and didn't mention anything about the certificate of training for suturing.

    And about the 1 case per day, that would be difficult. It will take time and the deadline for submission will be this end of September and we're talking for 20 handles, 5 suturing and 5 insertion. That would be a problem!

    Lastly, until now, I'm still searching for a hospital or Lying-in for my affiliation. Do you have any suggestion?