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I came across a thread in this forum. A lot of those forumers, mostly american nurses, posted that there is really no nursing shortage in America. I think that's really very disturbing considering that I gave up a very good... Read More

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    aww, so sorry to hear that...its been 6 months? wow, just like my situation here in the Philippines.. have faith ma'am, Im sure you'll be hired real soon.

    I DO have a question though...

    I AM planning to become a USRN.. will probably apply for the state of new york/Texas. I have read repeatedly in this site that it will take about 5 years to have a CHANCE at a visa, and that's okay with me. I plan on working in other countries ( Australia/ New Zealand) first to gain experience during that 5 year wait... after all, I really plan to migrate in the US in the distant future because almost my whole clan is already there... LOL.

    Question is, if I sit and hopefully pass the NCLEX by 2010... any issues I should know regarding renewal of license in the said states? (during the said 5 year wait)

    I dont know if its a good plan. An uncle of mine who is an RN at Texas told me to take the NCLEX already "just to get it out of the way". Furthermore, I've read somewhere that the longer the time from graduation from nursing school that you take the NCLEX, the greater the failure rate. This scares me,

    thank you so much for answering this,,, this site has been very much helpful!

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    Quote from Daly City RN
    The person who wrote that there is no shortage of nurses here in the U.S. but just a shortage of working nurses is right. I agree 100 percent. But a shortage is a shortage.

    So, don't be dissapointed, there are plenty of jobs for RN's in the U.S.A. As the baby boomers age, they will require more medical and nursing care. There are reports in the newspapers and in U.S. nursing journals that there will be a need for up to a million nurses just several years from now. One report stated that the U.S. schools can only train and graduate about 600,000 nurses during this time period. How can the U.S. hospitals close this gap? Most probably just like what they have been doing for years, U.S. hospitals will hire foreign grad. nurses.

    There are plenty of jobs for nurses in the U.S., but reality bites sometimes. That so-called "first job" may be elusive at first to the new-grad nurse. It costs the hospitals thousands of dollars to train each newly graduated nurse. Understandably, U.S. hospitals would rather hire an experienced RN. But be persistent, you will be hired. And when you get that nursing job, show them that you are a hard worker and willing to learn. Be a team player. Take good care of your patients, after all you are getting paid to take care of them.

    Nursing is hard work. It is very stressful. Therefore it is important to have a good sense of humor. That's what kept me sane this last 27 years as a nurse here in the U.S.

    Good luck!
    Wow. That was so inspiring. Its really a tough time for nurses now especially for newly grad nurses like me. But words like that inspires me and keeps me going. Thanks alot for that! =)
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    my say on this, yes, there is no shortage of Nurses perhaps (if referring to newly Registered Nurses w/o experience), but for Nurses with specialization already like ICU, A&E, Renal, then I guess, there are still shortages in this field.

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