where do u go to school?

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    Hi! I am curious where everyone goes or went to school in Canada?! I go to UCFV in B.C. Let me know!
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    Douglas here
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    I did my original nursing school at Dawson College in Montreal.
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    University of Manitoba.

    I love BC! Where in BC do you live?
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    Hi! I live just outside Vancouver! It is really nice b/c I can go to Van in 30 min (max) and leave the craziness of it all when I have had enough! Me and my b/f drive there almost once a week to go to our fav restaraunt! LOL!! Robson is great for shopping too! Glad you like it here! I love it!
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    I went to the University of Arkansas, graduated back when dinosaurs roamed the plains. LOL. Actually, graduated December 1965.
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    Grad of Confederation College. I love Vancouver, been here six years and English Bay still blows my mind!
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    Cambrian College in Northern Ontario

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    Paprikat, are you from Thunder Bay? I've got family there.
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    General Hospital School of Nursing in St. John's, NF. You can take the Newfie out of Newfoundland, but you can't take Newfoundland out of the Newfie!