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Just want to get an idea of where everyone is located, and where they went for their nursing education! I'll start: 1. Vancouver, BC 2. BCIT (starting soon ... jan06)... Read More

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    Quote from qtcie
    Hi s and t...i live in Surrey too...in the Fleetwood/Tynehead area.
    Holy smoke! We're probably neighbours! PM me!
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    My 2nd post and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, practising as a RPN here now for 5 years. Obtained my degree in Brandon, Manitoba. Cheers to all
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    Living in New Westminster. Just starting my 6 week CPE2 (end of 2nd year) term at Douglas College tomorrow. I'm nervous as heck.
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    I did my training at York in Toronto. Still living in Ontario working, but with hopes to move out east...
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    Temple, Texas!!!!!

    I applied to the ADN program at Temple College...keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Montreal, graduated from Vanier College, started in 1978, took a two year break and then graduated in 1983, RN ever since.
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    BScN from mcmaster university in ontarrio...just graduated
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    not a newfie in sight! until now....hello from the rock. :icon_hug:
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    I am from Montreal
    BSN Ottawa U
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    Hi everyone,

    I live in the Kootenay region in BC.
    I have worked in three provinces as an RN.
    Trained in Regina,Sask......years ago.