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Hello, Has anyone applied for UBC Nursing for the 2010 school year? How are you finding your application process? Thanks :nurse:... Read More

  1. by   cinnamonlatte
    thanks for the heads-up!
  2. by   k_mb
    thanks for the info everyone! I guess I will just sit tight and wait for my package to arrive!
  3. by   ubchealth
    Just wondering if anyone has been accepted recently? Those accepted were required to respond yesterday with fulfilled prerequisites and payments.
  4. by   dream_girl
    I received an e-mail earlier on today saying that I'm accepted now!!! I can't wait to meet you all this coming September!
  5. by   cinnamonlatte
  6. by   dream_girl
    Thanks!! This is so exciting!
  7. by   cinnamonlatte
    Hi there,

    Just a quick question, is there anyone who is also ordering the stethoscope online (along with the scrubs)?
  8. by   dream_girl
    Hi cinnamonlatte,

    I didn't order the stethescope online but I phoned them to add it in along with the scrubs that I ordered, since I got an e-mail saying that the stethescope originally wasn't showing up online.
  9. by   cinnamonlatte
    Is everyone registered?
  10. by   springsheen
    For the 2010-2011 class, are they still getting the scrubs (and suggested equipment) from Aloft? Last year, many of the students had problems with some of the equipments (e.g. blood pressure cuffs were broken, the stethoscopes were not comfortable, scissors came rusted, etc.).

    And for those of you on the waitlist, last year about 15 people got off the waitlist, and that's with 90 spots. So, with 120 people to be admitted this year, I can only assume more than 15 will be accepted off the waitlist.
  11. by   cinnamonlatte
    Oh...I got my two sets of scrubs online from Aloft. The lady did phone to ask if I'd be interested in purchasing the stethoscope online, but I figured I'd just wait til the orientation week and try out the products first.
  12. by   39bcgirl

    does anyone know when we will get the current list of textbooks we need for 2010?

  13. by   tareija
    I was wondering the same thing - when will the textbook list be posted? It said in the welcome package that it'd be available by the end of June, but so far I haven't seen it.

    I'm registered now, and I'm in group 6. Is anyone else in that group?

    Cinnamonlatte, you said you've received your scrubs already. How long did it take for you to receive them after ordering? I was thinking about checking out the sample scrubs at the SON office when I go for my immunization review. However, that's not until early August, so not sure if that would leave me enough time to place an order with Aloft.

    I feel like there are so many details to think about and things to do to get ready. I've been meaning to start reviewing my biology and math, so that I feel prepared for classes in September. Here it is already the middle of July! Ah!

    Needless to say, I'm super excited to start in September, and finally get to meet some of you in person. Yay!