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Hi Everyone, I am going to be starting Pre-Health then onto RPN this Sept. My question is, what if any are the roles of RPN in the OR? If there are none would you recommend going onto RN? Also I have heard of some... Read More

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    Yes, Dishes it would be safe. It all has to do with the national body for operating room RNs.

    I really think it comes down to politics. The miitary sends its medics after they qualify as LPNs to the OR Tech course offered by Norquest. I've met a military ORT who also functioned as first assist.

    American hospitals train unlicensed personnel for the OR. They do it as a cost saving technique.

    But I'm sure there is one regular Ontario poster who will pop up and give us the party line calling for an all RN staff.

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    Who is the poster calling for all RN staff?
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    (sorry i haven't PM'd you back, the site won't let me until i've been active on here for a bit/posted XX number of comments lol)

    I'm not too sure about RPNs being in the OR either but it's been something I've also been interested as an option in the future once i'm done the RPN program at Centennial.

    I know that Centennial has an OR program available and I would assume other colleges would as well. You'll be at GB, correct?

    (the GB link is for an RN OR program i think... I don't know if an RPN could take it as well but I'm sure you could contact the school and ask what your options are or perhaps transfer to a school that offers an OR course that an RPN could take)
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    I did a few weeks in the OR as a student, the scrub nurses were RPNs and they said only RNs could circulate. At the time the seemed to supervise to me. They walked between rooms, charted, made sure everything and everybody was okay.
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