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Hi Everyone, I am going to be starting Pre-Health then onto RPN this Sept. My question is, what if any are the roles of RPN in the OR? If there are none would you recommend going onto RN? ... Read More

  1. by   Daisy_08
    I did a few weeks in the OR as a student, the scrub nurses were RPNs and they said only RNs could circulate. At the time the seemed to supervise to me. They walked between rooms, charted, made sure everything and everybody was okay.
  2. by   Fiona59
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  3. by   Daisy_08
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  4. by   Toaster
    Just wondering if large hospital still hire RPN's for OR position in Toronto? So far, I have seen positions for RN's.
  5. by   ktrop03
    I know RPN work with the surgeon giving out an instrument and so... RN mostly make sure the surgery goes well and so. Depending on the hospital, it minds only be RN in an operative room or RPN has well. For the first 24 hours, it can be critical so mostly RN would take over in those hours and after depending on the patient's case, RPN would take over.
  6. by   dishes
    @Toaster, the main reason more RN OR jobs are posted is because Ontario has 600 RPNs and over 4,000 RNs working in perioperative jobs.