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I'm speaking from experience. I got my RPN in Sarnia, Ontario and I wanted to upgrade to RN. I seen that the schools were not recognizing the work I did as an RPN so I looked in the USA. Just on the other side of Sarnia,... Read More

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    Quote from MaueeBoiFlava
    I am a BSN-RN in the Philippines. I also passed the US-NCLEX RN. Right now, I am here in Toronto, Ontario as a RPN and working as a PSW. The College of Nurses of Ontario is telling me to do a bridging program for 3 years and get a BScN degree.

    If doing a 3-year program to get a BScN is an insult to RPNs, how much more insult it is for a 4-year BSN degree graduate+RN (Philippines and USA) +RPN to do a 3-year program to get a Canadian degree of BScN?
    Passing the NCLEX doesn't make you a "US RN". Working there legally does.

    NCLEX isn't worth a thing north of the 49th.

    Unfortunately, Canadian Health Authorities have learnt the hard and expensive way that all BScNs from the Phillipines (and other countries around the globe) aren't equal.

    Obviously, after assessing your credentials, you just don't meet the educational standards required to work in Canada as an RN. I've worked with several nurses who were recruited in the last three years from the Phillipines, they've ranged from really good to scary (as will all nurses no matter where they were educated). Not one of those nurses when there education was assessed were deemed to have the education of a Canadian new grad BScN. They took a while to make competent PNs.

    How many Canadian BScNs have been issued papers in the Phillipines? None, because we're not allowed to write the exam there. How is this fair to Canadian who may want to work there? Insulting, no???
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    This message is to Talia Vde and ssaw..

    Talia; what kind of marks did you need to be accepted into the sc4 program? i am currently doing the rpn program at lambton college and im interested in bridging as well. anything important i should know about the sc4 program?? let me know please i am very excited. or anyone else who knows about it please chip in.
    ssaw: it takes an additional 2 years in the US to obtain your BScN.
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    Hey MollysMum, I have seen many courses offered now by U.S. colleges, for the ADN-RN to go one more year for the BScN ! I am back on the search and look forward to any new info and updates on all of this.... !

    and as far as the comments on "Bad practice by foriegn nurses " have any of you (unnamed) that "hinted" toward that, or just downright "threw bricks", ever looked around at some of our own ? where ever and who ever we are ?? Believe me, after working for some 25 yrs, THERE ARE GOOD AND BAD EVERYWHERE, AND IN EVERY SHAPE COLOUR AND STYLE !!! AND OFTEN THE LENGTH AND DEGREE OR TITLE OF ONES EDUCATION MEANS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING !

    one more thing....... Nursing's obligation is to be fair minded and not to JUDGE, to embrace one another, and mentor.... what happened ??? I THINK WE AUGHT NOT TO THROW STONES !
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    This is an old thread and since current info is what everyone wants, I'm going to close this thread and respectfully ask that you start a new thread with current info.

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