RPN or RN in Ontario

  1. 0 Hello everybody,
    I am an IEN from India, I got my License as RPN here.
    As i completed my diploma in nursing for three year from India and i have 4.5 years clinical experience from home country. can i apply for RN assessment? Am i eligible to get RN licence, I am confused. please help me.
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    You will have to speak with the College of Nurses of Ontario so they can determine your education level and assess what you will need to do to practice in Ontario.

    College of Nurses of Ontario1 800 387-5526
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    You need to contact the CNO at cno.org and they will tell you how to proceed with an application for RN licensure.Only they can tell you if you are eligible.
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    Why did you not seek assessment as an RN in the first place?
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    You can ask, but I would think if you were assessed once and told you could write the CRPNE, that if you could have written the CRNE, then you would have just been given permission to write that. Canada requires a degree for RN's.

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